Our modern lives are busier than ever. In between our jobs and social commitments, it can be tough to find the time to exercise and keep fit, let alone for something frivolous like a hobby.

However, what if we told you there was a way to combine the two? Sports are incredibly rewarding, and they come with the added bonus of keeping us fit and healthy. If you live in a densely packed urban metropolis like London, you might think your options for sports are limited. This isn’t the case, check out this guide and try out some new sports in the city.

Pick The Right Sport

When it comes to choosing a sport to try out, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed at the sheer number of different options. Do you want to play football? Go for a swim? Box? Ride a unicycle? Sport is a broad umbrella term that encompasses a vast range of different activities.

If you’re a fan of a particular sport, that gives you the perfect starting off point. As long as it isn’t something that is difficult to get into like base jumping or Alpine skiing, trying a sport that you enjoy watching can be the perfect way to get started. You’ll be familiar with the rules and how the sport is played and you’ll get the chance to emulate (poorly) your biggest heroes.

Do You Need Equipment?

Whether you will need special equipment or not will depend on the particular sport you have decided to try out. Running and swimming don’t require any special equipment other than the right clothes, while football will require special boots, but not much else.

However, other sports do require a greater deal of equipment. You need a bike to go cycling, for example, while kayaking requires the use of a considerably large boat.

If you live in London, chances are that space is a premium in your home. The last thing you want is for your living space to get cluttered and messy, so look for options for storage in London to keep your sports equipment safely hidden away.

Where to Go?

Again, where you go to take part in your sport of choice will depend on what activity you have decided to take up. Things like badminton and tennis can usually be played at local gyms and recreation centres, while the city has numerous amateur football pitches that can be rented out on an hourly basis.

London is full of incredible parks and green spaces that can be a perfect cost-effective exercise option. The parks will be full of joggers, and you could even spot impromptu games of rounders during the summer months. However, always check the rules and regulations regarding what kind of sports can be played in the park.

Keep Yourself Safe

Sport can be fun and rewarding and is a perfect way of keeping fit. However, it can also be dangerous, you run the risk of injury if you are not properly prepared.

Always remember to stretch and warm up before exercising. This gives your muscles, joints, and tendons a chance to get ready for exercise and can prevent you from hurting yourself.

If you’re playing a contact sport like rugby, always ensure that you are wearing the correct protective gear. If you are cycling or skateboarding, it is essential that you wear a helmet at all times, head knocks can be incredibly serious.


Getting into sports can be fantastic decision. It gets you out the house for some much needed exercise and can even offer unique social opportunities. Use this guide to help you get into sports in the city.