SUVs are a boom market for car makers here in the UK… so it’s no surprise then that Maserati’s newest model is yet another one, the mid-size Grecale.

As with many Maseratis it is named after an Italian wind and yours truly was amongst a group of UK motoring writers who breezed along to try the 2023 Grecale range at a high end stately home-sized hotel in North Yorkshire.

In glorious sunshine it was the perfect setting to try out a row of gleaming new Maseratis – including their stunning ‘scissor door’ supercar the MC20.

The Grecale range starts with the four cylinder two-litre turbo hybrid GT which boasts an impressive 300bhp and tops out at the Trofeo with a mighty 530 bhp twin turbo 3-litre V6 with technology inherited from Formula One.  A fully electric version is also due soon and all are four wheel drive.

First to be tested was that road-burning Trofeo with that incredible 530bhp power plant which meant very rapid progress indeed. This car is seriously quick and needs to be treated with respect (if only for your licence) but ease off on the go pedal and it is as comfy and easy to drive as any SUV.

As you would expect with a Masarati even the entry level GT car is sumptuously appointed while mid-range is the Modena with 30 more bhp from that four cylinder turbo hybrid set up and a higher level of standard kit.

While the Trofeo is blisteringly fast even the GT is rapid with that 300bhp available and all have that incredible Maserati exhaust note which makes their top of the range sound systems pretty much redundant as far as I am concerned.

Maserati claim Grecale has ‘best-in-class spaciousness and comfort’ plus ‘superior performance in terms of driveability and handling’ and with a top speed of 177mph and acceleration from 0 60mph in 3.8 seconds in Trofeo form few could argue with that.

That spec includes lots of leather and quality finishes as well an ‘Intelligent Assistant’ multimedia system, the latest infotainment, comfort displays, digital clock and a great heads-up system available as an option on the four cylinder cars.

The GT is 4.8m long with a wheelbase of 2.9m, a height of 1.67m and width of 2.16 (including wing mirrors) with a rear wheel track of 1.948m (slightly larger in the Trofeo), and  has, say Maserati a ‘distinctively sporty appearance, without sacrificing comfort’.

The two digital displays are a central 12.3” screen and another 8.8” panel ahead of the driver while passengers can position the three-zone air conditioner via another touchscreen in the rear seats.

Air suspension is standard on the Trofeo and an option on the Mild Hybrid versions with six levels of suspension adjustment related to the car’s drive modes.

The five different modes are: COMFORT, GT, SPORT, CORSA and OFF-ROAD.

COMFORT is ideal for everyday use with engine boost and kickdown limited to improve peak efficiency while gear changes are more gradual. The suspension is less rigid and electric power steering is set to maximum for effortless driving pleasure.

GT enables more structured acceleration without compromising efficiency and gear changes are more regular and smooth. Engine boost is normal with kickdown and pedal sensitivity moderate.

SPORT is for peak performance and the active exhaust valves open during maximum engine boost, the driving position is lowered by 15 mm and steering more rigid and responsive.

CORSA (Trofeo only) offers the most extreme experience with all the Sport enhancements plus pedals that are more sensitive and responsive, gear changes are faster and kickdown brings instant maximum power, traction control is much less active and Launch Control is switched on.

OFF-ROAD improves all-terrain performance and driving control, efficiency is slightly reduced and gear changes are more gradual, also the rev limiter is activated and the air suspension switches to high.

So the Grecale is a real blast, in all guises, and starting at £61k (£99k for the Trofeo) is not that expensive when compared with more mundane rivals… it is, after all, a Maserati

To add to the enjoyment I got behind the wheel of an MC20 which was a real ‘box ticked’ experience. What a machine, but sadly few of us will get to experience it as Maserati are only making six a week… and even at £230k they are all sold out for months to come!

What cost of living crisis?

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By Motoring Editor Steve Howarth