Last-Minute Christmas Eve Gifting: Freebird Club Presents a Lifetime of Adventure for Travel Enthusiasts Over 50

Freebird Club, the pioneering global travel and homestay club for the over 50s, has launched a gift membership scheme just in time for the festive season.

For a flat fee of £79, the ‘Gift Your Grown-Up’ voucher offers lifetime membership and provides opportunities for mature travel enthusiasts to connect with like-minded peers in destinations close to home or across the world.

Membership to Freebird Club, which was founded in 2017 but went through a post-pandemic rebirth, provides access to a vibrant social travel community; offering local insights, valuable travel advice, engaging meet-ups and homestays, allowing members to explore new horizons, while forging meaningful connections with fellow ‘Freebirds.’

Perfect for those seeking a last-minute Christmas gift choice for an ageing parent, grandparent or relative, ‘Gift Your Grown-Up’ reflects Freebird Club’s commitment to fostering genuine and safe connections among the older generation. Whether the lucky recipient is a travel enthusiast or simply interested in meeting new people with a shared love for exploration, this membership gift promises a lifetime of possibilities.

“This festive season, we’re delighted to introduce the gift of friendship, fun and freedom with our lifetime membership voucher,” said Freebird Club CEO Peter Mangan. “It’s not just a thoughtful and adventurous gift; it’s a ticket to a global community where experiences are shared, friendships are formed, horizons are expanded, and memories are made.

“We are excited to offer this unique opportunity for enriching the lives of those with a zest for life and a curiosity for the world, and we believe it makes for the perfect last-minute Christmas gift.”

Freebird Club’s ‘Gift Your Grown-Up’ voucher can be purchased online and is delivered instantly, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a thoughtful, meaningful gift for their loved ones this Christmas. Give the gift of a lifetime of memories and connections – because adventure knows no age limit.

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