Wood dyes are used for changing the colour of wood, and are usually used before a wood finish like wax, oil or varnish. Liberon, the woodcare brand trusted by professional users, has some advice on choosing the right dye.

Liberon recommends first of all considering the wood to be treated. If working with a dense hardwood such as mahogany or oak, then a dye featuring extra absorbency is a must. The dye’s solvents must be capable of achieving a high level of penetration into the wood. This capability also makes it ideal for already-finished timbers. Liberon’s Spirit Wood Dye is an ethanol-based wood dye, which is ideal for this type of application, and is suitable for use on new and reclaimed timbers. It may be over-coated with wax, oil or varnish, and even used to tint French Polish.

Liberon’s Spirit Wood Dye has a same-batch colour consistency, and any of the eight colours in which it is offered may be mixed together to achieve the preferred shade. It is available in Antique Pine, Dark Oak, Ebony, Georgian Mahogany, Light Oak, Medium Oak, Teak and Walnut.

If high density wood is not the issue and there is a specific finished shade to be achieved, this can be done by mixing any of the 13 colours in which Liberon’s Palette Wood Dye is available. Palette Wood Dye is a quick-drying, top quality, water-based option suitable for either soft or hardwoods. The dye’s formulation includes light stability for excellent colour retention. It is easily absorbed, and its specialist acrylic formula minimises the raising of wood grain.

Liberon’s Palette Wood Dye is available in Antique Pine, Dark Oak, Ebony, Georgian Mahogany, Golden Pine, Light Oak, Medium Oak, Teak, Tudor Oak, Victorian Mahogany, Walnut, White and Yew.

If varnishing is also required, it is possible to save time by mixing Liberon’s Palette Wood Dye with the company’s Natural Finish Varnishes to create a single-application product. This achieves a beautiful result more quickly than having to apply the two products one after the other.

For further information about Liberon and the company’s extensive range of woodcare products visit www.liberon.co.uk.