Friday 24 May 2019
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jan leeming and cats protection urging people to sign up for cat guardians

Cat Guardians for Peace of Mind

Cats Protection urges cat owners to plan for the future and sign up to Cat Guardians A BBC veteran is urging fellow cat owners to sign up...

knitting for cats protection charity

Knitting for Cats Protection

Calling all knitters – toy mice and blankets needed for playful cats! Crafty cat-lovers are being asked to help unwanted cats and...

adopt a cat with cats protection

Adopting a Cat with Cats Protection

A loving home with an armchair to relax in As many of you may know, April is National Pet Month in the UK, a time to celebrate our pets and...

pensioner scales new heights to help pensioner scales new heights to help cats protectioncats protection

Pensioner Abseils for Cats Protection

A plucky pensioner plans to abseil 160ft down the Sea Walls of the Avon Gorge next month in order to raise money for one of his favourite...