The trouble with deciding to have, or not to have, care is an issue many of us grapple with only when we need it and not before. As someone once said “you only need care when you need it”.

The decision to have care is usually foisted upon us by circumstance, which when you consider it is a great pity. After all, there are stigmas associated with receiving care, such as being seen to not cope, or being a drain on family and resources – nobody in fact ‘likes’ to be the recipient of care because of just that.

But with this new concept Helping Old Friends has introduced that ‘stigma’ need no longer apply. In fact, to avoid stigma this is one reason why our able staff are called ‘companions’ and not ‘carers’. Helping Old friends offers a service which, as its title suggests, can be tailor made to suit your circumstances long before you require professional carers to come in.

Families who live remotely can have peace of mind that a visit by one of our experienced staff will take place on the allotted date and time and be there to offer whatever is required. Whether it be just to have some companionship, or help with household chores, or even to help you write your memoirs.

Here’s just one example of how a traditional care company wasn’t the right solution.

Mrs C initially employed a care provider to visit two to three times a week to perform some routine household chores around the house. Initially the service was good, but after a while she found the carers were being rushed off their feet, often not having the time for niceties which Mrs C looked forward to the most.

She became disappointed that she was being treated less as a person and more as a commodity that ‘required servicing’. The personal touch had gone. Different carers would come and there was little continuity. This was not what Mrs C was looking for.

What Mrs C really wanted was not care at all, but companionship. She realised, after discussing it with her family, that perhaps she did not need to employ a traditional care company, she could instead use the services of Helping Old Friends.

Mrs C called our offices here at Helping Old Friends, found the process of matching the right kind of person to visit was refreshingly easy, and all-in-all it was quite a bit more reasonably priced. The same companion came at the time she had arranged and she found that they were far more able to intuitively understand what her needs were.

As she said, “I will only need to go back to a care provider once I need that service and not before.”

Of course, if and when she does need a more traditional care company, she and her family will be used to the idea of some support being provided, which will make the decision a much easier one.

If you would like to know more about our services at Helping Old Friends, either for yourself or for a loved one, please do give Katrina a call on 01793 550895 just to have a conversation to see if we can be of any assistance. You can also find more information on our website

Our aim is to change people’s lives for the better.

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