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CBD Creams for a range of purposes

An estimated 6 million people in the UK use CBD. Customers from all walks of life use our CBD Cream from those with joint and arthritis pain to athletes and busy city workers.

  • Simple to apply and easily absorbed.
  • Has an amazing non greasy texture and aromatizing smell.
  • Rub CBD Cream in to your knees and joints or anywhere you feel it needs to be applied.

People with chronic pain use various treatments to try and deal with their constant aches, CBD being one of them. CBD comes in many forms, such as creams and anything that can be safely ingested or applied. One the most popular type for chronic pain though is CBD Cream. This is usually rubbed onto the painful body part to soothe the ache and pain.

Though it is not proven science, there has been significant feedback that widely reports that CBD can effectively treat inflammation, pain and the general feeling of discomfort that occurs with many different types of chronic conditions.

5 possible benefits

  1. CBD cream is used as natural alternative compared to over the counter products. It can be applied DIRECTLY to the area of pain.
  2. Could help pain for arthritis and joint pain which is reported in animal studies.
  3. CBD is antioxidant and could help reduce inflammation of the body
  4. CBD cream applied to the painful area before bed could help your sleep due to the reduction of pain
  5. CBD has been reported to help with stress and anxiety. Pain due to arthritis can make you stressed and anxious and the use of CBD cream may have a positive effect on your stress and anxiety while reducing your pain at the same time!

No products advertised are intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.
You should always consult your doctor for guidance before taking new products.
All products are of the legal strength of 0.1% THC or under.

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