If you have a garage space that you have not been making the most of, then it can quickly become a dumping ground. You might not even have space to store your vehicle anymore, because of all that has been out in the garage. However, there are a range of things that you can do to really make the most of this space. It should be considered like another room in the home, and make the most of it in that way. 

Having some tools in there is great, but moving large items around can be tricky. So if you are thinking about a full remodel and reorganization of the garage space, then you could get something like furniture skates from Evo Supplies to help you. But without further ado, here is a quick guide to garage storage, and improving the space that you have.

Decide what to store

You might think that you can just store anything in the garage, but that is not the case (at least, if you want to look after your things). Some of the best things to keep in a garage are:

  • Tools
  • Sports equipment like bikes or skis
  • Clothing in sealed boxes or bags that are not needed right now, such as ski jackets in the summer
  • Seasonal items and decorations
  • Anything for your car or vehicles, like children’s car seats or cleaning supplies


There are a range of things that shouldn’t be stored in a garage, because they could get ruined. Being a garage, and not having a perfect seal on a garage door means that heat and cold air can get in, as well as pests like roaches. Some of the things that you shouldn’t store in a garage are:

  • Paint
  • Gas
  • Pet food or open food products
  • Anything that is made from paper (unless sealed in a plastic box)


Use the ceiling

There tends to be a lot of height when it comes to the ceiling in a garage, so why not make the most of that height for storage? You could use the height and get hooks to store things like skis along or to hang bikes upside down with. You could use the height to store holiday decorations and seasonal items that don’t need to be used very often, with some high shelving or some racks for plastic tubs that could be hung from the ceiling.


Organize by type or activity

To easily find your way around the garage and make sure that you see what there is to use, it can be a good idea to arrange the items in there by type or by what they are used for. Then you know that if you’re looking for old baby things or for the Christmas decorations or the tools, you know exactly where to look.

If you find that you have more space in the garage than you would have expected, or you are going to stop parking a vehicle in there, then there are a number of options to use the space for, such as a gym or workout area. As long as it is all organized, then it will make much more of a difference.

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