Sarson’s vinegar has launched their new pickling jar. The 950ml vessel has a wider mouth designed to be the ideal fit for larger pickling goodies, and with delicious ready-spiced pickling juices made with Sarson’s time-honoured recipe inside, all the hard work is done for you. This all-in-one jar means you simply pop in your prepared vegetables and you’re ready to go! So whether you’re looking for a thoughtful homemade gift, planning some pickled delicacies to add to the dinner spread, or adding a twist to those leftovers, there are plenty of ways to pickle.

Sarson’s top pickling recommendations for 2021’s festive season:

Personalised ‘Pickle-mix’ presents

Why not use Sarson’s new all-in-one pickling jar to make a colourful ‘Pickle-mix’ jar present? Select your loved one’s favourite fresh vegetables to feature in the jar to add a personal touch. Cucumbers and onions work well for pickling first timers and pair perfectly with the Sarson’s pickling juice. Introducing beetroot and red cabbage adds sweet notes and a beautiful deep pink colour great for gifting. All you need is a festive ribbon or some colourful paper to add the finishing touch. It’s an easy and thoughtful personalised present, ideal for him or for her.

Pickled cocktails for the party season!

After over a year of lockdowns, the nation has turned into budding at-home bartenders. It’s time to put your newfound skills to the test and try out some simple pickled cocktail recipes. Warm your cockles with a Sarson’s twist on a Hot Toddy, a dash of pickling juice to this seasonal cocktail adds a festive spice and depth of flavour. Or why not try a spicey Sarson’s Mule for a tasty pre-dinner aperitif, featuring the fresh lime, ginger beer and mint from a Moscow Mule cocktail, with an added kick from the Sarson’s pickling juice? Those looking to keep it simple can raise an after-dinner toast with pickle back shots of whisky and Sarson’s pickling juice, garnished with pickled cucumbers!

Add a touch of pickle to the festive spread

If you’re reuniting the family this year at yours, why not prepare a lunch cheeseboard for everyone to enjoy? Or a simple but stunning charcuterie board to offer as finger food on New Year’s Eve? Homemade delights from your Sarson’s all-in-one pickling jar such as pickled cauliflower, red onions or mushrooms make for the perfect additions to both these dishes. One thing’s for sure, no boxing day spread is complete without a jar of traditional pickled onions as the table centrepiece!

Pickling isn’t just for Christmas…

Waste not, want not! At a time of indulgence and delight, sometimes it’s not possible to squeeze in that last carrot, brussel sprout or parsnip. Scrap blue Monday and the gloomiest month of the year and pop your leftover vegetables into your Sarson’s pickling jar to enjoy the taste well into January.

Catherine Martin, Brand Manager of Sarson’s said: “Practical and the perfect fit for the kitchen cupboard, we have crafted a balanced blend of vinegar and spices, making the all-in-one Sarson’s pickling jar great for your well-loved homemade recipes and the ideal added ingredient to all your celebrations”.

Both Sarson’s Pickling Malt Vinegar and Sarson’s Distilled Pickling Vinegar can be bought from all major retailers, for example Sarson’s Malt Pickling Vinegar can be found from Sainsbury’s for £1.90 here. For further details see

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