Dating can be daunting for anyone, but if you find yourself single and looking for love after years or decades, it can be particularly intimidating.

Whatever your age or circumstances, dating can be an exciting opportunity to meet someone special to enjoy life with.

We’ve teamed up with Ourtime, a dating service dedicated to singles over 50, to create tips to help boost confidence and find a match with a shared passion for life and experiences:

1.Get out there

In a recent survey by Ourtime, 42% of over 50s admitted they find dating over 50 difficult, it can be hard to find confidence to get back out there.

Kate Taylor, Ourtime’s resident Dating Expert says: “Honestly, the quickest way to banish your dating nerves is to just get out there and start dating. Many over 50s have a fear of the unknown around starting over, but once you’re on your first date you’ll realise you never lost your power to chat, laugh, and flirt. Luckily there are sites like Ourtime that bring people together through shared interests and mutual attraction, providing a platform to help you get to know each other in a simple, fun way.”

2.Be yourself

Most people over 50 believe they know themselves inside out by now, and that means they know what they want. Many over 50s feel more confident in themselves now and are more comfortable in their own skin than their younger counterparts. Kate adds: “Over-50s have so much experience in meeting and talking to new people, first-date nerves usually vanish rapidly. I love how these decades are full of returning self-confidence and a desire not to settle. In your 20s and 30s, you can feel pressure to find the one. Over 50, you can slow down and look for the right one.”

3.Find something you both love

Finding a mutual interest is a real icebreaker on first dates and can be the stuff of lasting relationships. Whether its salsa dancing or bird watching, finding someone who enjoys the things you love can be priceless. With Ourtime, you can list your interests and find someone who loves the things you do for a truly meaningful connection

4.Don’t settle

Ourtime’s survey found that 47% of over 50s said that far from being desperate to find ‘the one’, they’re actually pickier now than they once were. Kate adds:

“Dating in your 50s and over is all about slowing down and finding the person who’s really right for you. Just as our confidence grows in these decades, so can our knowledge of who we are looking for. If you feel nervous about dating again, take it slowly – use a site like Ourtime to chat and flirt with likeminded singles first, so you know your first actual date will be easy, comparable, and fun.”

5.Move at your own pace

They say you can’t hurry love and that’s still true for online daters. If you don’t feel ready for a one-to-one date, you can share a video call and spend some virtual time together. If you’re more comfortable in a group, you can break the ice at one of the many events Ourtime hosts across the UK. From cultural outings, nature, music nights, cooking classes and more, it’s a great opportunity to find someone who likes the same things as you to have fun with.

About Ourtime

Ourtime is a dating service dedicated to singles over 50 that enables users to easily find a match with a shared passion for life and experiences. With over six million 50+ singles in the UK, Ourtime is the perfect platform to enable users to easily find local, like-minded people who share the same approach to life, values and aspirations. The dating service, through its numerous search criteria, profile recommendations and activities, offers many ways for singles with a passion for life and experiences to meet.

About Kate Taylor

Kate is one of the UK’s best known sex writers and online dating experts. The author of five books about dating and relationships, she regularly contributes to newspapers and magazines, including The Sun, The Telegraph, Readers Digest. Having met her husband through an online dating platform, Kate is no stranger to the world of online dating. She is also Ourtime’s resident dating expert, offering simple, practical advice to over 50s on the search for love.

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