Stressed about scams? Stuck with a smartphone? Struggling with social media? Not anymore. How Do I? is the team working to demystify your digital world. From your computer, to your smartphone or tablet, How Do I? is here to help when you’re stuck. Inspired by years of helping family with digital difficulties, co-founders Jude and Nicola describe the team as, ’the tech-savvy friends you can always rely on’.

From finding ourselves muted in a video call, to losing social media messages, struggling to use technology often leaves us feeling isolated. It can be frustrating when computers don’t work as expected or when simple tasks turn into hours of confusion. That’s where How Do I? comes in. No more wondering, how do I reset my password? How do I save and share my photos? How do I use Zoom?! The friendly and reliable team at How Do I? are happy to offer simple advice and point-by-point explanations at your pace, so your computer can help you stay connected, rather than leave you feeling isolated.

In a world where it’s easier than ever to be caught out by scams, you don’t have to be. How Do I? also offers free scam support and fraud check services, with scam alert bulletins delivered directly to you.

Our lives are more digital than ever and It can be daunting to feel as though we’re expected to adapt to daily technological changes. That’s why How Do I? doesn’t involve a complicated sign-up process or confusing contracts, it’s a phone number you can call to get the support you’re looking for. On the call, the advisors will explain and support you through each step of the process so that you can regain control of your computer and develop skills as you go.

The team at How Do I? believe that there are no stupid questions when it comes to your digital world. You can call How Do I? on 0800 656 9667 for help with:

– Avoiding scams and checking if messages are safe
– Feeling ‘stuck’ with your computer or phone
– Logging into forgotten accounts
– Understanding apps on your phone
– Backing up your files and photos
– Keeping passwords safe
– Social media support
– Any time you find yourself frustrated with your computer or smartphone

If you’re not sure if How Do I? can help with your digital problem, you can call without any hassle to speak with a team member about your difficulty. You’ll find that they are eager to help and to point you in the right digital direction. How Do I? customer, Anthony Newman, says, ‘the friendly advisor took the time to fully understand my dilemma, then showed me how to solve it myself, rather than just doing it for me.’ Co-founder, Nicola, stresses the importance of enabling people to build their skills and confidence, saying ’our customers come away smiling and feeling empowered’.

Co-founder, Nicola Twiston Davies, is well-practiced in helping her customers when their devices frustrate them.

How Do I? will be there next time you find yourself stuck with something on your computer or smartphone. Whether you have an email which doesn’t seem right, or are trying to get to grips with video calling, there’s someone here for you. Friendly support, at your pace, to help you get the most out of your computer.

How Do I? – the tech-savvy friends you can always rely on.

Visit or call for free on 0800 656 9667.

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