It’s cold outside – but January need not stop you from being green-fingered!

The experts at have come up with some top tips to get ahead this year with your garden in mind.

And among the suggestions include the idea to make use of warm and bright indoor spaces such as window sills to kickstart your growing season early.

A spokesperson for said: “It might at first sight appear that January is something of a dormant month in terms of gardening and growing – but there are things that you can do to prepare for warmer weather.

“For example, there are a number of flower and vegetable seeds and fruit plants that you can start to grow under glass – giving you a head start for later in the year.”

Keen gardeners are advised by to consider utilising the window sill of their home or their greenhouse for some of these ideas below:

Onion seeds – varieties including Globo and Ailas Craig can be sown in January. This allows time for the bulbs to develop in a modular tray situated in a warm environment. Transfer them outdoors once the risk of frost has gone.

Celery and Celeriac – these can be grown successfully from this month within a heated propagator.

Potatoes – grow these undercover in containers in potato bags and you could develop an early drop. They do need to be positioned ideally in a cool frost-free place indoors.

Spinach – this is just one variety of seed that can thrive on a bright window sill in the winter months – other ideas include salad seeds, spring onions and cauliflowers.

Broad beans – these can be grown in pots during the first month of the year – being kept in a cold frame or unheated greenhouse.

Snap dragons – With one variety also known as Frosted Flames, these can be developed using a propagator to take advantage of a long growth period before they flower.

As the year moves forward, more and more seeds and plants can start to be grown, but say the list above can give many keen gardeners a busy start to the new year.

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