Dr Rob Hicks is working alongside The Mobility Furniture Company to highlight core issues affecting older people with age-related health conditions and to offer ideas to help improve their day to day living.

Resident doctor on The Chrissy B Show and regular contributor to national press, Dr Rob Hicks knows only too well the challenges faced by older people from his time as a GP.

“Combining my medical knowledge with experience I have gained over the years, I’ve been involved in putting together a series of articles and YouTube content that discusses a range of health conditions and predicaments typically encountered by older people and their families,” he explains. “The content aims to inform and suggest strategies that can help older people with mobility concerns and conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis and poor circulation take action to improve their situation.”

Customers at The Mobility Furniture Company comprise people with mobility issues and particular health conditions who are in need of specialist and bespoke seating solutions.

Dialogue between management and employees revealed that issues such as falls prevention, poor circulation, osteoporosis and arthritis are commonly brought up by customers and their families. Customer care is at the core of the business ethos, so tapping into Dr Rob Hicks’s expertise represented an exciting next step.

“We realised that providing evidence-based content for these groups, and our staff who are having those important conversations, would improve customer experience and quality of life,” says James Mitton, managing director of the Somerset-based business. “Companies that supply products and services for older people have a duty of care to ensure the information they communicate to customers is accurate and helpful. Ideally it’s engaging too. That’s what we’ve achieved together with Dr Rob Hicks.”

Mobility Furniture Company customer, Mrs Helen Harris, comments:

“When I read that sitting at an upright angle could exacerbate my back pain, and reclining might alleviate it, I tried it out and found that it did make a difference. Similarly, I hadn’t known that elevating my legs could reduce their swelling and enable me to walk for longer distances. I’ve seen Dr Rob Hicks on the TV for a few years; his new articles definitely gave me information I needed.”

Dr Rob Hicks comments:

“People want to enjoy life in their own homes, keeping mobile, healthy and independent, and I am enjoying being part of that journey. It is great to be working with a forward-thinking company that celebrates improving quality of life for older individuals.”


The series of articles created in partnership with Dr Rob Hicks is available for everyone to read on The Mobility Furniture Company’s website. It includes content and resources about general mobility and more specific health problems including osteoporosis, arthritis, back pain and poor circulation:

Osteoporosis, how to live well when bones lose strength: Be conscious of what you eat, proactive with exercise and mindful of posture, suggests Dr Rob Hicks

Ten ways to improve circulation: Dr Rob Hicks looks at what poor circulation means and easy steps to take to improve it

How to sleep well with arthritis: Many people with arthritis are at increased risk of sleep disturbance and this feature is for them. Dr Rob Hicks understands the problems and presents easy solutions


One of the UK’s most popular and well-known media-doctors, Dr Rob Hicks is an experienced GP who lives with his family in Greater London. He is the resident doctor on “The Chrissy B Show”, medical adviser to the TV drama “Doctors”, and is regularly heard on the radio. A prolific health writer and medical journalist, Dr Rob Hicks has written three books and regularly contributes to magazines and national newspapers.

The Mobility Furniture Company provides custom-made furniture that is hand-crafted in the UK, working to achieve a complete comfort solution with customer care at its core. Rise and recline chairs, settees and adjustable beds are made to measure. Because they fit each customer’s individual size and take into account their health, the furniture can improve quality of life. New designs and a wide choice of fabrics and upholsteries means the furniture looks great too.

For further information contact Charlotte Thompson: charlotte@mobilityfurniture.co.uk

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