Each year, more and more people worldwide take part in Veganuary and make use of January to give plant-based eating a go. Over 600,000 people are reported to have taken part in Veganuary this year. But how easy is it to maintain a vegan diet when the month’s challenge comes to an end?

V for Life (VfL), the UK charity committed to supporting vegans and vegetarians in later life, endeavours to help people maintain their beliefs and values for the rest of their days. Unfortunately, as evidence gathered by the charity shows, there are many cases where vegans and vegetarians have not been able to protect their beliefs in care settings.

Joe Barson, Interim Head of Research and Policy at VfL, said: “Ageing can be challenging. Individuals requiring care may lose control over what they buy and the food they eat. Those with dementia may, at times, struggle to remember the beliefs they have maintained their whole lives.

“To support those receiving care, VfL has produced a Self-Advocacy Guide. This guide ensures that those receiving care, their families and their friends, are aware that their right to practice their beliefs is protected. It explains the regulations and legislation in place to ensure individuals can continue to practice their beliefs freely, despite living in care settings.

“‘We hope that people will access the guide and use it to understand how they can support themselves if their beliefs are not respected. Everyone deserves dignity in care.”

The charity has also released Veganising Classic Dishes – with fourteen tasty, traditional, and classic dishes to inspire those new to vegan catering. The guide features shortcuts and quick tips covering breakfast, mains, puddings, through to Sunday lunch and even barbecues!

Download a free copy of either guide from https://vforlife.org.uk/resources/publications/ or by calling the charity on 0161 257 0887. Hard copies cost £2.75 including P&P

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