There is no need to spend your hard earned cash on mobile text messaging and phone calls anymore. This was once the most efficient method of communication, but now apps have truly taken over. 

Not only are these apps suitable for people who want to chat with their friends for free, but they have become commonplace in business too. After all, communication is at the heart of any good business, and there are many different ways companies are using apps to facilitate this. This not only includes using IM to chat to other employees and share information with ease, but it also includes the chatbots that are being built to improve customer service too.

So, what are some of the best messenger and call apps out there today?

WhatsApp – Free text and photo messaging 

This cross-platform mobile messaging app makes it possible for individuals to message each other without having to pay for SMS or MMS fees. Not only is the app free, but it’s a lot more exciting than traditional texting. You can upload a status, engage in group conversations, add a picture, and send video and audio media messages as well. WhatsApp groups are very popular, whether you have friends that play RC Drift Cars together or you’re planning a birthday event.

LINE – ‘Shake it!’ to start chatting

LINE is one of the most innovative messaging apps. It is available for use on PC and mobile. And because it allows you to talk to up to 100 people at once via group messaging it is particularly great for office locations too. Not only this, but you can’t ignore the fun features entailed as well. If you want to add someone to your LINE contacts all you need to do is shake your devices together. 

WeChat – Latest communication app to become a hit

WeChat is a new app offering photo, text, video, and voice messaging. It has an array of different features; ranging from group chat to emoticons to Facebook Connect. It’s of little surprise it is booming in popularity at present.

Tango – Share special moments with this video calling app

Tango’s popularity can largely be attributed to the fact that it offers the full package; voice messages, text messages, video calls, video voicemails, and picture messages. The most popular attribute lies with the ability to make free video calls to your nearest and dearest. Thus, whether you’re bored at home or on the top of the Eiffel Tower, you can share precious moments with your friends and family. 

Nimbuzz – Manage all your contacts in one place

Nimbuzz is fantastic for those who use an array of platforms; from Facebook and MySpace to Windows Live Messenger and Google Talk. The popular app brings all contacts together in one friendly interface – allowing you to easily communicate with anybody. 

Viber for Windows – Free worldwide calls and messaging 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could call your friend to hear about her holiday gossip without having to worry about facing extortionate costs? Or what about being able to catch up with your grandchild who lives in Australia more regularly? Well, thanks to Viber you can. This app allows you to send messages and make quality calls to other users – no matter where in the world they are situated. It is also worth noting that Viber will sync all your details, meaning that you can easily switch from PC to mobile to carry out your conversation.    

Kik – Offering the perfect blend of rapid speed and ease of use 

It is of little surprise that over 50 million people use Kik. Not only does the app offer the fastest messaging service, but it is extremely simple to use as well. This is ideal for those who don’t want to spend hours puzzling over a complex interface.

To conclude, there are a number of different messaging apps and video calling apps for individuals and businesses to make the most of today. This is a great way to work efficiently while reducing your expenses too. 

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