The vaccine rollout has given many people over 50 the freedom and confidence to return to travelling. However, not everyone feels comfortable boarding a plane and dealing with local Covid-19 restrictions in their holiday destination. 

If you have always been on the cautious side, you might not want to fly abroad just to deal with a sudden lockdown! And, with 4 in 5 Brits deciding to enjoy the beauty of their country in 2021, you are certainly not the only one! But there is nothing to worry about! The UK is dotted with beautiful sights, great walks, and breathtaking views – most of which are likely to be within a few hours’ drive from your doorstep! 

With the right tips, you can start planning for a safe, relaxing, and highly comfortable staycation!

Explore Nearby Locations

When it comes down to exploring the UK, there is no need to travel far. Anywhere you are, there is likely to be an attraction or place of natural beauty not too far from your home. And, you can always find something that fits your preferences. You can opt for a fishing weekend, a few romantic nights away in a log cabin, or an exciting afternoon spent discovering one of the country’s historical cities. If you aren’t comfortable driving for hours, you might consider checking out some of the best nearby destinations, including Devon, Cornwall, Cumbia, or the Scottish Highlands!

Try Glamping

Camping weekends are a dream for some travelers. But not everyone is as happy staying in a small tent, sharing toilet facilities, and sleeping on an inflatable mattress! After all, this is your holiday, and you should do everything you can to ensure that it is comfortable and relaxing. For this, glamping might be a great solution! Not only you can enjoy luxurious accommodation, but you can also make the most out of your time in nature while also looking after your health!

Get in All the Right Clubs

The UK has always had excellent camping, caravanning, and touring culture – but there’s no doubt that the pandemic has caused more and more people to take an interest in this kind of holiday! Thanks to such a thriving community, today, you can count on an endless number of clubs that won’t only grant you exclusive discounts but will also offer you all the support you need. From BritStops to the Camping And Caravanning Club, you explore the beauty of the UK in total relaxation – and on a budget! 

Test It Out With a Used Vehicle

If this is your first time enjoying life on the road, you are probably not ready to invest in a luxury camper van. Instead, you might look for ways to keep the costs low and find out whether this kind of staycation is the right one for you. Luckily, you don’t necessarily need to stay in a small tent to keep the costs down! Start by searching “car supermarkets near me” to find the best deals on used vehicles that can get you anywhere around the UK – from cars that can hold a roof tent to larger vans ready to be converted!

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