Caring for your garden is a perennial exercise, but that’s the whole point of a garden. A garden isn’t a project that you organise once and then forget about, on the contrary, it takes time and effort regularly to cultivate it and make it into the garden you want. Below is a guide for looking after your garden this summer. 

Water wisely 

People tend to think that more is better when it comes to watering the garden, especially in the summer months when the sun is hotter and the soil is drier. But actually, you can end up overwatering the soil and drawing the plants. 

It’s better to water wisely when it comes to caring for your garden in the summer, this means watering your plants and trees once a week so they have enough water to drink without soaking the roots. 

Look after containers 

Most gardens have containers. These are pots and baskets for keeping your favourite plants and flowers and displaying them proudly in your garden or patio. This is one way people with Live-in care bring some summer inspiration into their homes.

Unlike the trees and plants dug into the garden, your containers need to be watered more regularly in the summer months. Try to soak the roots daily or every other day to keep them looking shiny and healthy. 

Tree surgery 

Over the winter your garden can get a bit unruly. The trees become overgrown and the foliage starts to look like a forest. This is not something you will necessarily notice until it is all cut back. 

The summer is a perfect time to cut back your trees and prepare them for the winter months. At some point during the summer, you should hire a tree surgeon to take care of the excess branches and foliage. 

Lawn care 

The summer is a time when you want your lawn to look green and healthy, it also seems like the best time to cut it because the soil is dry and the lawnmower will work the grass quite easily, but actually, this isn’t the best thing to do. 

When you cut your grass short in the summer you prevent the moisture from being trapped in the blades and increase the chances of it drying out. Longer grass is more helpful in the summer. 

Remember to weed 

As with the increase in foliage during the winter months the garden also sees an increase in weeds in the soil and flower beds. Weeds are not only unsightly but they use up many important nutrients on the soil that could be used by plants and flowers. 

Typically, there are two ways to deal with weeds in your garden: you can uproot them by hand or you can use an eco-friendly weed killer. In some cases, it is good to use both methods to ensure your garden is weed-free. 


If you want your garden to be neat and vibrant this summer so you can sit out in the sunshine with your friends, family and live at home carer, you should follow the tips above. These tips will make your garden neat again after the winter and prepare it for the autumn when the cycle starts over again.

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