If you’re looking for a reason to stop smoking, you may first think, it will get your lungs healthier or perhaps you will feel fitter and have more money in your pocket. However, there are a long list of unexpected benefits that will assist you in ways you may not have thought of. Whilst stopping smoking is difficult, you can always look to vaping, which will greatly assist. There are plenty of vape juice flavours to choose from. Take a look at what you could be helping yourself with if you decide to make the leap to quit.

1. You will not have to pay more and more every year.  

Yes, taxes. They will most likely continue to rise. In the opinion of the legislators, a rise in prices will reduce the smoking phenomenon and reduce the medical costs that are a huge burden on the state. As long as the smoking phenomenon does not stop they will continue to raise prices.


2. You will inhale less bacteria. 

New research indicates that cigarettes are infested with bacteria and with each inhalation you risk quitting smoking by introducing bacteria into the body. Although it is not clear if the bacteria make you sick, it is still disgusting.


3. Smoking affects your sexual arousal. 

Smoking affects blood circulation, and accordingly blood flow to the genitals. In such a situation, sexual arousal, both in men and in women, will be more difficult.


4. You will sleep better. 

People who smoke have been found to suffer from sleep disorders 44 times more than people who do not smoke.


5. Bonuses and incentives from your employers. 

A new trend that employers are taking is to encourage employees to quit smoking, by offering them their positive incentives to get into a rehab program.


6. You will not have to look at horrible anti-smoking pictures to quit smoking. 

The new campaigns are going to be shocking; Rotten teeth, oral cancer and rotting lungs possibly affected your mental health more than you realised. 


7. You will not suffer from hearing loss. 

Smokers are 70% more likely to develop hearing loss than non-smokers.


8. The chance of having colds in your hands or feet will decrease. 

When you stop smoking, the circulation in the body and circulatory systems improves immediately, which means you reduce the risk of cold sores. Smoking restricts blood circulation and it is especially bad for the toes and hands of those people who are desperate to go out in the winter climate and smoke.


9. Your coffee consumption will decrease and it will save you money. 

A smoker’s body cleanses caffeine 56% faster than a non-smoker’s body. Therefore, when you stop smoking, you must halve your caffeine intake, otherwise you will suffer from severe irritability and insomnia. 


10. Your chances of burning the house will be reduced. 

This may sound ridiculous to you, but research has found that people who live in homes with smokers are at higher risk of being injured, beaten or, God forbid, dying as a result of a fire. Another study found that in 55% of fires, the cause was related to smoking. On April 9, 2008, a 3-year-old boy from Texas burned down his parents’ home after playing with a lighter.

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