Monday 27 May 2019
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Women over 50 are soaring with confidence


Style confidence and worrying less over others’ opinions at all-time high for many women over 50

40% of women attribute an increase in confidence to being over 50, a new poll by womenswear retailer Daxon has discovered.
The overwhelmingly optimistic picture painted by the survey of 1,405 online shoppers highlights the UK’s positive attitude to getting older.
Worrying less about other people’s opinions (30%) and feeling more positive (19%) came out as the top qualities women feel they have developed since turning 50.
Additional insight into how women feel at 50 further reaffirmed that women associate the age with an increase in confidence as a further 18% of women also said they feel less self-conscious about looks.
The research found that women link feeling more confident with fashion (10%), being less self-conscious about looks (18%) and feeling wiser (18%) with being aged over 50.
Daxon’s poll comes shortly after one of the world’s best-loved actresses, Sex and the City’s Sarah Jessica Parker, celebrated her 50th birthday on March 25th. SJP now joins celebrities such as her co-star Kristin Stewart and fellow actress Sandra Bullock as they showcase 50 as a glamorous and stylish age to be.
Participants in the survey chose Sandra Bullock as their top female celebrity inspiration from a list of stars aged over 50, while Oprah Winfrey claimed second place and Shania Twain and Elle Macpherson shared third place.
Melissa Hughes, marketing executive at Daxon commented on the UK’s positive attitude:

“It’s really fantastic that so many women associate being over 50 with increased confidence and worry less about what other people think – and stylish, successful, self-assured stars like Sarah Jessica Parker and Sandra Bullock are perfect examples of how fab 50 can be!”

Melissa added:

“As a brand whose mission is to help women look and feel great, here at Daxon we’re excited that so many women already feel their age gives them confidence, including the confidence to dress to please themselves, not others. That’s the perfect combination for trying new things – whether it’s the season’s latest print or a new look for work – and with our expertise in well-fitting and flattering clothing, 50-plus women can not only feel comfortable, but feel wonderful in whatever they wear!”

Female celebrities have been outspoken about reaching their fifth decade: First Lady Michelle Obama told Parade Magazine:

“I have never felt more confident in myself, more clear on who I am as a woman”.

Australian supermodel Elle Macpherson promotes a more inclusive view of beauty, saying:

“I don’t believe that youth equals beauty or beauty equals youth”.

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