Home insurance was once a privilege only the rich and famous could afford. It would make sense for someone who owns a mansion, holiday villa, or some kind of English manor house, to have a home insurance policy. The home is probably worth millions and the contents a few hundred thousand. However, nowadays anyone can own a home insurance policy to protect their property from any number of things. But the thing is, with so many gadgets that protect our homes now, why would you need a policy at all? Even in the modern world of technology, there are still some concrete reasons for definitely considering home insurance.

Don’t mention the pet flap

There have been numerous incidents whereby burglars have gotten into a home due to the catflap. Maybe adults can’t get in, but teams of burglars can use small children to push through the cat flap and then unlock the doors from the inside. If the cat flap or dog flap has a safety feature that prevents the flap from being pushed in, the fact that there is a pet flap itself can be a sight for sore eyes. Burglars can kick the flap in or use a screwdriver to loosen the screws and get inside that way.


Renovations and remodeling

If you have undertaken any kind of remodeling or renovations in your property, then you would want to take out a home insurance policy from something like this website. The home contents and home insurance policy covers the building itself and the most valuable things in the home. Various parts of the home such as a games room or expensive lodgers room for rent could be given a special status. Sometimes just the contents and structure are covered, but if you have made internal changes and added to the structure, this will be considered in the policy too.


Animal damage

If you live in the country, you will be aware that animals roam during the night. It can be quite common for badgers, foxes and even birds or prey to try and get inside your home. As they do, ripping away bits sof the foundation and roof can be devastating to your home’s integrity. Sometimes, wild animals make a home of basements and this can also be quite damaging if they are ripping up the floor and burrowing deeper into the walls. Small animals like squirrels and rats can make tunnels in the walls for example. On the hotter days of the year, these holes will be used by termites and centipedes, etc. 

Weather damage

Perhaps the most obvious reason why you may wish to consider home insurance is that you live in a hurricane-prone part of the world. No matter how hard your batten down the hatches and board up the windows, hurricanes with 100mph+ winds can cause substantial damage to your property. 

Even in this day and age, home insurance is still one of the most common forms of insurance policy, precisely because of these reasons. Criminals are innovative, animals need somewhere warm to raise their young and brave in the winter, and the weather takes no prisoners. 

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