Wednesday 26 June 2019
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What to Look for When Booking Your First Golfing Holiday

Top Tips for a Golf Holiday to Remember

With so many top courses to choose from, booking your first ever golfing holiday can be a little overwhelming. Here are some essential tips.

In an age when we work longer hours than ever, it is vitally important to secure some real down time to rest, relax and spend a few days away from work, focusing on enjoying life with loved ones. Of course, sitting around by a pool sounds idyllic enough, but the truth be told, it can soon get boring. We live in an age of tailored products and services, and that applies to our leisure as much as to anything else.

If you enjoy the occasional round of golf at your local course, then the growing range of golf holidays that are available will be an appealing option. Here’s a chance to visit a new location, see the sights, enjoy some hotel pampering and also indulge in your favourite hobby. If you’ve never been on a golfing holiday before, here are some considerations to keep in mind before you book.

Factor in some luxury

There are thousands of golf courses around the world, so you can afford to be a little choosy and look beyond the links when deciding which one to visit. Of course, it is a matter of personal choice, but as an example, Turkey is currently at the top of many golfers’ lists thanks to its amazing golf courses and luxury all-inclusive resorts.

This is a place where all-inclusive means just that, and you are guaranteed top-notch food and drink after a day on a champion-standard golf course. Belek is seen by many as the golfing capital of Turkey. Here, you will find a choice of golf courses and resorts. The Maxx Royal Belek Hotel and Spa is a recently built hotel that offers a VIP experience and is situated directly alongside the spectacular Montgomerie Golf Course.

An established resort or choose your own adventure?

Some people prefer to stray from the beaten track, by avoiding the resorts and tourist traps. The beauty of a golfing holiday is that it allows you to do exactly that. However, for first timers in particular, finding an obscure golf course and looking for somewhere to stay nearby can be pushing the bravery a little too far. Rather than risk the disappointment of a sub-standard course or one that will demand an eye-watering fee to simply play a few rounds, it makes sense to work with a specialist golf tour operator. They will be able to guide you towards the golfing experience that is right for you.

Book early

As is so often the case, the earlier you book, the better. The more time you allow, the more choice you will get in terms of tee times. In many cases, you might also be able to take advantage of special offers and discounts that will reduce the overall cost. Again, it makes sense to talk to a specialist operator, as they will have the information at their fingertips as to what sort of special deals might be

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