Introducing Your Best Kept Secret for Bladder Control

Are you one of the millions of women who has found herself desperate to pee and whose life has been hindered by bladder leakage? When you plan an outing, is it based entirely on locating the nearest loo? If you are one of these women, don’t worry as new Femaxeen is here to help you control your bladder and enable you to walk free, live free and most importantly, be leak free.

Urinary incontinence, known informally as bladder leakage – can be a daily blight on women’s lives. From the age of 40, a third of all women will experience regular, unwanted and involuntary leaks, rising to 50% of women over 60. Leakage may be triggered initially by weakened pelvic floor muscles from giving birth or changes caused by the menopause, or other physical and medical factors. For women from aged 80, its rare not to have some type of urinary incontinence. Whilst it becomes more prevalent as you age, it’s not a normal side effect of the aging process and you don’t have to accept it and live with it. It can be controlled – by you, with Femaxeen®.

NEW Femaxeen® – Your Daily Answer to Leak-Free Living
Femaxeen® is a unique natural-origin supplement, which helps to maintain a healthy bladder in women. It has been formulated to help you stop having to rush to the loo so frequently, while helping to keep your urinary tract healthy. Femaxeen® can make your life a whole lot easier and your quality of life much better, by helping to lessen disruption caused by Stress, Urge and Mixed urinary incontinence. It’s your best kept secret for bladder control.

Scientifically Tested and Proven Formula
Femaxeen®’s patent-pending formula contains its unique, proprietary UriCyTonin® complexes AF&UI, made of purified and specific cytoplasmic pollen extracts including Rye Pollen (Secale cereale L), together with pumpkin seed extract and Vitamin E.

In a 90-day clinical study among incontinence sufferers, after taking a daily Femaxeen tablet, there were significant improvements in the participants’ ability to maintain normal urine flow.ii The women who took part in the study also said their overall quality of life improved significantly, thanks to Femaxeen®. Even better, no adverse side effects were reported during the study.ii

Femaxeen®’s UriCyTonin® complexes are extracted through a defined, precise and well-controlled process, which allows to obtain the active and beneficial pollen components. These complexes are then combined with pumpkin seed extract and Vitamin E, both safe and natural ingredients which herbalists have recommended for centuries to help with lifestyle issues caused by urinary incontinence.

Each ingredient in Femaxeen® has been scientifically shown to support lower urinary tract health, maintenance of good bladder functioniv, maintenance of good urinary flowiv, maintenance of a healthy bladder in adults and protection of cells from oxidative stress.

Your Everyday Life will be Transformed with Femaxeen®
For most women trying to manage bladder leakages, however frequently they occur, other available choices include protective pads, pants or liners, which help to ‘catch’ urine and prevent pee spills. But they may feel uncomfortable, intrusive and make you conscious of odour. Alternatively, your GP may prescribe certain medications which usually have a long list of potential side-effects, making them a tricky long-term option.

Simply taking a daily Femaxeen® tablet helps you take control of your bladder’s normal urine function safely, with no fear of embarrassment, no smells and no disposal problems. You can go and meet friends and family, hit the shops, sit in a cinema, go to the gym or pool – and feel back in charge of your body – not the other way round.

Here Are a Few Tips for Better Bladder Health

  • Avoid drinking after 10pm. If thirsty, take tiny sips of water
  • Limit coffee, tea, fizzy drinks and alcohol after 6pm
  • Identify personal triggers – cold weather or proximity to water – and plan loo breaks
  • If planning a day/night out, a work meeting or occasion, limit liquids beforehand and plan loo time to avoid panics
  • Look at your diet: avoid processed foods, eat more fruit and veg, try to lose weight if you need to
  • Join a Pilates or yoga class – both can work wonders on pelvic floor muscles
  • Relax before bedtime
  • Take your daily Femaxeen® tablet

To help stop your bladder from having a mind of its own and ruling your life, NEW Femaxeen® is available from and Amazon UK. Each pack of 30 tablets contains one month’s daily supply at £49.90 RRP.

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