Friday 24 May 2019
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Turning a hobby into something financially lucrative


Not all of us are blessed with having a job which we would also refer to as our hobby, or even something we enjoy doing. When asked with the question “what do you make for a living”, many of us answer with our occupation. What we should be answering is “reading, spending time with my significant other, taking walks [..]”, and when the questioner corrects you, the reply “oh, you meant what I make for my bread” is sure to hit home. Although some are fortunate enough to always combine the two, this article is about turning something you love into something that also adds to your everyday finances.

Although you might find yourself hard-pressed to turn your love of taking walks into something that could generate money, it is far from impossible. Nearly anything you enjoy doing has the potential of generating extra money. You might find it very easy to generate some extra money if you enjoy fixing up cars whether it’s for re-selling purposes or helping out your neighbor and friends for a nominal fee. Some other hobbies might be harder to turn profitable, but as long as you have the necessary skills and passion the possibilities are endless!

With the world becoming more digitally inclined by every passing day, internet-based hobbies are plenty and there are an abundance of jobs that only require the proper skillset, a computer and an internet connection. If words are intriguing to you and you enjoy writing, someone will want to read it. If you like solving crosswords, why not create your own and sell to a web-based newspaper? Something that has turned numerous of people into millionaires in recent years is blogging, and it would be no overextension to use the word phenomenon. Setting your sights at the kind of riches as seen by the largest names in blogging such as TechCrunch , which currently are pulling in a neat $500,000 per month, might seem like a dream. However, that also started with an interest which turned into a hobby, which turned into an idea which – you guessed it – turned into the multi-million blog it is today.

The list for computer-based hobbies that can turn lucrative could cover a short novel; social media, graphic design, producing videos for YouTube, web design, translating and writing are all just the tip of the iceberg. But everything isn’t digital. Whether in a loving relationship with your TV, watching sports for hours on end or if observing nature is your true calling in life – your chances to find a way to turn that lucrative are just as high. If you feel like an expert of predicting the outcome of your favorite sports teams after all those hundreds of hours following them, you could try joining the ranks of the hundreds of thousands people making their living through some sports betting. In our modern age, you wouldn’t even need to leave the house as sites such as are able to fulfill all your betting needs, along with providing useful information to kick-start your new adventure.

Should strolling around in the forests, mountains and exploring the world be what puts a golden edge on your leisure time, trying sharing it with others through photography. Perhaps you’ve enjoyed what nature has to offer without the assistance of a camera, but try taking it with on your next walk in the local forest or your trip! Maybe you’re the one able to catch the pictures of the local fauna that the local newspapers been craving for.

No matter what you are doing – Look to the possibilities of turning that into something that someone wants. You’re capable of way more than you know, and your indulgence in what makes you feel alive can be profitable.

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