Monday 27 May 2019
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Transforming your living space with a new rug

Transforming your living space with a new rug

transforming your living space with a new rug

With the amount of time that the average person spends in their living room — relaxing, socialising, and watching TV — you can be forgiven for growing tired of the décor and wanting to make a change every so often. While many will opt for a colour change or a potted plant to inject life into a room, placing a new rug can have a profound effect on how the space looks and feels.

Laying an area rug can really pull the room together, particularly if you have a lot of furniture or are lucky enough to have a large living area. Alternatively, a statement rug can really improve the design of your space; a splash of colour or a texture change can make a huge difference. Here is a simple guide to transforming your living space using a rug.

Pull your room together with an area rug

The living room is a space where socialising should be one of the main priorities. Whether it’s catching up with family or friends, or enjoying some well-earned quiet time with your significant other, your furniture should be arranged in a way that allows people to face each other while they’re speaking. Usually your furniture will be centred around a coffee table, but this is not a great item to act as the focal point of a room. It doesn’t quite pull your furniture together to the extent where the space feels intimate.

Encompassing your room’s primary furniture on an area rug is a great way to do this without changing the layout of your room. While the furniture will be no closer together than it was before, the perception of your room will change entirely, making the space appear more inclusive and inviting.

transforming your living space with a new rug

From the image above, you can get a good idea of the size of rug you will need, as well as the recommended furniture placement. Aim to have at least the front legs of your furniture on the rug, but ideally your rug will have more than enough room to enclose your whole social area. Pinterest is full of great guidance on rug placement — it’s also great for finding colour and style inspiration.

Inject life into your room with a statement rug

Sometimes minimalist-styled living rooms can look fantastic, but in the depths of winter when all you really want is a cosy space to call your own, a bare room can be drab and boring. Even rooms that are designed attentively sometimes call for change, and a statement rug is a simple yet effective way of changing your room for the better.

The first decision you need to come to is what type of statement you are looking to make. Will you use a bright colour or striking pattern to create a visual point of interest in your room? Or will you utilise rug styles to offer a variation in texture?

While a striking colour is a great way to make a statement in a living room, you must first be careful to check that the colour matches the existing décor of your space — choosing a colour that clashes will be entirely detrimental to your room. Consider earthy tones on dark wood flooring, or dark, rich, and warming tones such as royal blue or scarlet on a pale floor. This article from Wiki How on colour matching will give you a great insight into how using complementary colours can have a great impact on the brain’s perception of something.

This rug style guide from Land of Rugs recommends buying a long-pile or shaggy rug if you are looking to add warming textures to the room — these rugs will also feel great underfoot and will act as a great thermal insulator in the winter. Using a thin material such as jute can also have a positive effect on the room, emphasising the natural tones and rustic element of the room’s décor. Consider the look you are trying to achieve and choose a rug style and texture that supports this effort.

Be sure to choose a style and colour that reflects your personality, but most importantly the existing décor in your room! A rug can make or break your living space, but by following these tips you will be sure to choose the ideal piece for your room.

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