If you are looking for a new hobby, it can be tough to decide what you want to do. Maybe you are coming close to retirement, perhaps you have some extra time on your hands, or maybe you are just looking to set yourself a challenge. There are so many potential hobbies out there and also so many benefits to taking on something new in your life. If you are looking to add something new to your set of skills or interests, here are some top hobbies that you should look into before 2021 is over…

Classic Cars

Classic cars are a fantastic hobby to partake in and you are likely to meet a really great community of like-minded enthusiasts too. You can start your hobby by reading up about classic cars and perhaps watching shows about them. You could look into purchasing your own classic car which you can take to races (be sure to look into a Car Transporter to make sure it gets there in one piece) Or you can just attend and watch different races – the choice is yours!


Photography is an interesting and useful skill to have and can even lead to you making some money on the side. You can figure out what you like to photograph, whether it is nature, people, sunsets or skies and then learn the different skills and settings on your camera. Why not head to a local photography class or do an online course to help you on your way?


As with photography, painting can cover a broad spectrum of things and just because you may not enjoy one type of art, doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy this. Dabble around in all different areas of painting such as fine art, life drawing, modern art and more. You can try watercolour, acrylics and pastels too. It can be a good idea to visit art galleries where you can get inspiration for future projects and decide what you would like to do yourself. There are many art galleries all around the country from large ones with famous art, to smaller ones with lesser-known artists.


Whether you have always been interested in cooking and never really done it, or you are looking to start-up cooking, there is no time like the present! Find recipes online, starting with more simple ones and then progressing into those that are more complex. You could watch cookery shows online, read cookery books and also look into any local cookery schools. There is also a range of online classes that you can partake in which show you how to cook and will teach you a range of useful skills and knowledge within this. The world is your oyster!

These are just a few hobbies that you can look into picking up as the year nears to a close. It is never too late to take up something new, so why not challenge yourself – you might be surprised at just how much you love it!

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