Friday 24 May 2019
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The top 5 best things about a home lift


Home Lifts designed by Stiltz Lifts have a small footprint of less than a square metre which gives you much more choice when deciding where to position it within your home. The consultant even provides you with a cardboard footprint template ahead of installation, so you can try it out and see where it would look best. Even with such a compact size, the lift’s clever design means it will comfortably fit two people travelling up together. There is even room for your beloved pet if you want!



The entire range of Stiltz range of domestic lifts are very quiet. They plug straight into the wall and run off a standard mains socket – just like any other regular household appliance – in fact, the Stiltz lift uses no more power than it takes to boil a kettle. There is no noisy grinding noise from an internal motor or track, such as you would experience with an old-fashioned stairlift, and the home lifts do not need loud hydraulic equipment; they run almost silently.



A standard home installation can be carried out in as little as a day. This creates minimum disruption and means you can start to enjoy the added freedom and independence you will get from your home lift almost immediately.



The Stiltz home lift can fit almost anywhere in the home. It does not require you to carry out any costly renovations or alterations to your property because it is designed and built with its own self-supporting structure. You will not need a lift shaft and its modular pieces mean that our installers can bring it in under standard doorways and ceilings without any of the bumps and knocks you might get with larger equipment. Once installed, it stands on two unobtrusive parallel and vertical guides which completely support the weight of the lift. This avoids the need for load bearing walls altogether – allowing flexible positioning options and ease of installation. Stiltz even do a wheelchair lift version called the Trio of their lift.



Sending up luggage or laundry, having a clear out, up and down with the grandchildren, or transporting a cumbersome vacuum cleaner between floors? The Stiltz Home Lift is not just ideal for transporting people safely and smoothly, but it is also extremely practical for carrying heavy objects between floors without the worry of tackling the stairs while carrying something in your arms. (UK) (USA)

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