Thursday 18 April 2019
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Tomatoes, Prostate Health and Protection From Diesel Fumes

Research shows tomato lycopene helps men with prostate cancer and may also protect us against damage from diesel fumes.

Nearly all of our dietary lycopene comes from tomatoes but we take up very little from raw tomatoes – we need to cook tomatoes to benefit from the lycopene or take lycoplus. This one-a-day capsule contains the lycopene of about 8 cooked red tomatoes.

A trial at king’s College Hospital, London concluded: “Dietary supplementation of lycopene (from Lycoplus capsules) slows disease progression in men with prostate cancer” and there are many other trials showing a benefit of tomato lycopene for men with established prostate cancer.

Lycoplus also contains C reactives “spent” lycopene and improves the efficiency of lycopene protection of human cells. This is of benefit not only to fight prostate cancer but may well help protect our cells from damage by NOx (nitrogen oxides from diesel fumes) damage and especially from nitrogen dioxide. NO2. This is the most damaging part of the NOx. Lycoplus contains 15mg of bio-available lycopene as well as 75% of the NRV (recommended daily allowance) of vitamins C.

We exposed human cells to NO2 and compared the cell damge from people who had consumed lycopene, both from Lycoplus and from foods such as tomato soup and tomato juice. We also investigated the additional effect of vitamin C on the efficiency of the lycopene to protect our cells from NO2. We found lycopene plus vitamin C (both in Lycoplus capsules) protected our cells by 20 times compared with the cells taken from people who had not consumed any lycopene for 3 weeks.

Our research suggests we can protect ourselves from NO2 diesel fumes with Lycoplus. This dietary supplement contains a high lycopene content and vitamin C and is more convenient and cheaper than 8 tomatoes! See

Nigel Johnson BBC Radio Stroke Football Commentator says:

“I take Lycoplus every day to reduce prostate problems, protect myself against diesel fumes and maintain my good health.”

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