We all know that exercise is good for us. 

Regular physical activity can benefit our physical and mental health, improve strength and flexibility, and give us more energy. We should all exercise when we can, no matter how old we are.

However, as we get older, we do need to take it easy. Especially if we rarely exercise, it’s important to be careful when we exert our bodies. While we should get up and move, we should also be careful not to push ourselves as we could injure ourselves in the process. 

Pushing ourselves too hard is just one reason why an injury can take place.

Other reasons for exercise injuries include:

  • Exercising without committing to a 5-minute warm-up session first
  • Failing to rest in between workouts
  • Using exercise equipment incorrectly
  • Becoming distracted while running
  • Doing exercises that aren’t suitable for your level of fitness

To avoid an exercise injury then, you should…

Warm up before exercising

When we warm up before exercise, we improve flexibility to our bodies, and this prepares us for whatever activities we intend to do to keep fit. As a result, we should experience less muscle tension and pain during and after the workout. Check out these warm-up exercises and use them as part of your fitness routine. 

Choose your exercises wisely

If you’re somebody who hasn’t exercised in a while, it’s important to avoid high-intensity exercises, at least initially. Such exercises can include running, aerobics, and contact sports. Instead, focus on low-intensity exercises, such as swimming, cycling, and walking. You can work your way up to exercises that are high-intensity but it’s better to get your body used to physical activity first.

Speak to your doctor

If you have any prevailing health conditions, it might be that certain types of exercise are off-limits to you. Speak to your doctor and ask for their advice on which exercises are least likely to cause you injury or any other health-related problems.

Rest between workouts

Your body needs time to recover after exercising so don’t do more than you can handle. Don’t go for a jog in the morning and a swim in the afternoon if your body is telling you to stop. Allow for a day in the week to rest as well, especially if you’re exercising on a daily basis. If your body does hurt, do what you can during your recovery time to ease the pain you feel. CBD Muscle Balm can be recommended as can a warm or a cold compress. 

Learn good form

Especially when taking on an exercise activity or piece of gym equipment that is new to you, be sure to take time out to learn the basics. Seek the support of a personal trainer or look for advice online as you are less likely to injure yourself if you can learn the right way to do a particular exercise.


Exercise is supposed to benefit our health and not damage it, so take care when you’re planning your fitness schedule. Consider our suggestions to avoid an injury and take other steps to protect yourself, such as purchasing the right gear for whatever type of exercise you are thinking of doing. 

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