Self-tan has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Women and men all over the country have felt the need to be bronzed. After all, it is not like we can jet away to somewhere hot at the moment, is it?

While there is the option of having regular sunbeds, this is not good for your skin. Instead, it makes much more sense to simply use self-tanning products.

You will need to choose products with care. Ensure they contain beneficial ingredients and that the product is good for the skin. You also need to maintain a good skincare regime in general, with an effective moisturising routine. Zo Skin Health is a great place to get the products you need to put together a beneficial and hydrating skincare regime.

In order to get the gorgeous bronzed look you were going for, you need to ensure that you apply your fake tan properly. If not, too much tan could result in you looking like a Wotsit, or on the other hand, an uneven application can leave you looking like a piece of streaky bacon… neither of which is desired! 

There are two slightly different processes involved when applying fake tan to the body compared to the face. So, this post will first deal with the application of tan lotion to the body.

The first thing you need to do before you actually apply the bronzing lotion to your body is to make sure that your skin is smooth and shaved, then you should exfoliate your skin. Make sure you thoroughly exfoliate areas such as your elbows and knees, as these areas tend to have a higher level of dry skin and this can absorb more tan lotion than the rest of your body. After you have done this the final step of preparation is to add moisturiser all over your skin.

Once you have carried out this preparation you can then begin to add the self-tanning lotion. It is advised to work from the bottom of your body up to the top; so start with your feet, move up your legs, then to your stomach and chest, and then finish off with your shoulders and arms. 

The best way to apply fake tan is through the use of a tanning mitt. However, if you do not have one you can simply use your hands, but remember to thoroughly wash them afterward (and don’t forget the insides of your fingers!). 

Once you have fake tanned your body you should then deal with your face. Similarly, you also have to prep for this as well. You do this by cleansing and exfoliating your skin. As you do not want the tan on your face to appear harsh you should mix it with a few drops of moisturiser and then apply it. Make sure that you carefully rub it into all areas so that it is even.

So there you have it; your guide to applying fake tan properly. Get ready to be bronzed and beautiful! 

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