Thursday 18 April 2019
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The Rise of the Senior Fitizens

senior fitizens

The rise of Britain’s inspirational Senior Fitizens: Dulwich tops table with most elderly military fitness fanatics

With National Grandparents Day coming up on 3rd October, British Military Fitness (BMF) has revealed the areas in the UK with the most fighting fit older people, with Dulwich topping the list with 65% of its members over 60. BMF is celebrating the nation’s ‘Senior Fitizens’ by inviting grandparents along to join in a free session over the weekend of 3rd / 4th October.

With the government recently warning the older generation that a lack of exercise is a “hidden killer”, contributing to one in six deaths in Britain, military fitness provider, BMF, is bucking the trend, reporting that one in 20 (5%) of its members are over 60, with some even in their 80’s.

Of its approximately 15,000 members across the UK, 13% are over 50 and 5% are over 60, with Dulwich topping the list with 65% of its members over 60 due to their popular walking club. And the number of Senior Fitizens is on the rise, showing the demand for new and accessible forms of exercise for the older generation.

One Wolverhampton grandfather who is already reaping the rewards of an active lifestyle in later life is Mike Collins, an 84-year-old from Merry Hill, who trains twice a week at Bantock Park. He commented:

“For me, one of the best things about the BMF sessions is that I feel a form of military ambience. It’s the competitive, uplifting atmosphere; you’re much more motivated to complete the exercises, as opposed to doing solo training or running.”

Since spotting BMF in the paper four years ago, the grandfather of two has gone from strength to strength, even recovering from a minor stroke in 2014. He added:

“One piece of advice that I can give is to ‘keep it going’ – I shall continue as long as possible, although when the darker nights come I will have to cut back to Saturday mornings only, as with very diminished hearing, I have to follow the actions of others. At the end of the day, I feel very lucky to have had the opportunities I’ve had, and also, to have a wife who doesn’t object to me making the most of them!”

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