Water accounts for nearly 70% of our physical body and flows freely out of our taps. Consequently few people really reflect on its life giving and life enhancing properties. We take it for granted, yet good clean energising water is vital for our wellbeing. Water has a much more vital role in the quality of our health than we might think.

Sadly much of the world’s water has been polluted both chemically and energetically. Most people in the Western World assume that the water coming from our taps is safe and healthy, but is it?  It will meet internationally recognised standards, but is that really water that is beneficial for our health.

Is Our Tap Water Really Clean?

In the UK many of the areas of concern of the latter half of the last century such as lead are not as major an issue, however there are areas of considerable concern and rightly so. Current concern are micro plastics, drug residues (both illicit and prescribed), hormone residues, pesticides and glyphosate (round up). There is also concern regarding chemicals added during water treatment including fluoride, chlorine and chloramines. We are told by the authorities that these contaminants are at safe levels, but there is no research to show what impact that a cocktail of these contaminants, even at very low concentrations, can have on human health.

New Exciting Research on The Relevance of Good Water Structure?

A very emotive area of water science is water structure. To most people water is just plain H20. However that is not necessarily the case. There is some very exciting research coming out of the University of Seattle which now shows that the water around health cells is in a particular structure and that contaminants, both chemical and electro magnetic can have an impact on the water around our cells and consequently affect the health of our cells. Over the coming years as these advances in our understanding of water increases there will no doubt be new technologies develop to further embrace this understanding.

For the last few decades there has been significant research and development in the Far East into using the power of natural minerals to beneficially change the properties of water to give it life enhancing properties. This research began nearly 60 years ago in Japan but has now spread into other Asian countries, where there is a much greater appreciation of the life giving properties of water than in the Western World.

Bioceramics – Enhancing Water Quality Safely and Effectively.

These natural mineral crystals have been carefully combined and formed into filter media referred to as bioceramics. These filter media now offer a lot of potential to enhance the properties of water.  In Asia they understand that water should have a number of properties to be classed as health giving water. In particular these are:

  1. The water must be as clean as possible of contaminants.
  2. The water should have an alkaline pH.
  3. The water should have good structure
  4. The water should have antioxidant properties
  5. The water should have good energy.

Now with advances in bioceramic technology it is possible to achieve these criteria to varying degrees. It is important to firstly clean the water of impurities. Not only is bioceramic technology used in drinking water systems, it has also applications in animal husbandry and in vegetable growing. It is also used as an alternative to using washing powder for clothes washing reducing significantly the environmental impact of detergents, not to mention reducing potential allergic reactions to these chemicals.

Bioceramics now bring health giving water within the financial reach of everyone. They are used in point of use domestic water systems, in jug filters, in drinking water bottles and also in shower heads to remove chlorine from the water.  There are options to suit everyone.

Water with Molecular Hydrogen – A Powerful Antioxidant.

One of the current areas of bioceramic technology that is creating a significant buzz is the antioxidant effect due to the release of molecular hydrogen into the water. Over the last decade there has been upwards of 1,000 published papers on the effects of molecular hydrogen. A high percentage of these research studies have been using molecular hydrogen rich water. The results have been very very encouraging. Part of the benefit seems to be due to the very small molecular size of the hydrogen molecule which allows it to penetrate areas of the body where larger antioxidant molecules such as Vitamin C would be unable to. One of the secrets of aging slower seems to be in reducing the adverse effects of free radical damage. Regular consumption of water with molecular hydrogen in it can be a great contributor to that.

Health Giving Water – The No1 Nutrient for the Body.

Personally I believe that water should be regarded as the No 1 nutrient for the body. It is vital that we keep the body properly hydrated with good water to help preserve our health, our vitality, our immunity and our fitness. Of course it is not only important that we drink good water, but also ensure that the water we drink is properly absorbed. That is one reason why we need adequate levels of electrolytes in our diet.  I do believe it is important that along with good health enhancing water that we consume adequate levels of unprocessed salt to supply the body with electrolytes and trace minerals.

We have been conditioned to believe that salt consumption in all forms is bad for us, yet there was never any credible research to support that recommendation. Cardiovascular research scientist Dr James Diniantonio is his book The Salt Fix gives the background to the research and the flawed approach that has probably contributed to significant ill health.

Hopefully this will give you a different perspective on water and encourage you to embrace some of the recent understanding and advances in water treatment to help to support the health of our bodies and minds into our senior years.  It is not just sufficient to drink clean water but important to utilise advances to increase the health giving benefits of the water we drink on a daily basis. The first place to start is to consider what is the best option to treat the water that is coming out of our taps. It is no longer a lifestyle choice based on taste but a health choice- an investment in our wellbeing.

This article was written by Roddy MacDonald, founder of Water for Health Ltd, a specialist company that provides innovative solutions to improve the quality of the water we drink. Water for Health understands that water has tremendous healing power and over the years have received considerable feedback from people that have benefited.  www.water-for-health.co.uk

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