Monday 27 May 2019
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The Painless Guide to Eating Healthily on Your Travels

eating healthy whilst travelling

The Painless Guide to Eating Healthily on Your Travels

Exploring new countries and cultures provides the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in local life and a new way of thinking. And what better way to really get a taste of the local culture than exploring the finest culinary treats of the area?

After all, it would be rude to turn down that extra glass of Bordeaux red or leave even a grain of beautiful Andalusian paella for the waiter to take away.
So how do you achieve this cultural immersion without returning with a waistline which looks like you forgot to take off your rubber ring after getting dressed following a few laps in the pool? Here are a few tips to help you eat healthily on your travels, without losing that holiday spirit.

Request an Empty Mini-Bar

If your accommodation comes complete with a mini-bar, expect endless temptation to bust it open and treat yourself to ‘just one’ chocolate bar or can of fizzy pop. Ask for the management to empty the mini-bar prior to your arrival and the temptation will immediately be lifted. Because, who can be bothered to walk to the shop after you’ve got changed and ready for bed?

Dine and Drink at the Gym

If your hotel/apartment complex/cruise ship has a gym with attached dining – chances are, it will be full of good, healthy stuff. Booking yourself in for an 11 o clock work out followed by a quick steam and shower, then lunch, could help ensure you pick a healthy choice for your midday meal.
Removing the temptation of creamy linguine or a meze spread can up your chances of racking up those healthy meals during your holiday.

Specialist travel agent, Cruise1st, enthuse about gym and spa dining:

“The comprehensive menus served up in cruise ship spa restaurants, such as Royal Caribbean’s Solarium Bistro, are stocked full of healthy and delicious options.”

Additionally, bypass the temptation to stock up on sugary drinks by filling up a water bottle with the filtered water offered for free in many gyms.

Eat Like a Seaman on Shore

When holidaying in coastal destinations, chances are any menu you open will be awash with an abundance of seafood options. And unless, you’re based in an absolute tourist trap, this seafood will likely be much fresher and much more affordable than the fish sections of the menu found back home. Take advantage of this, and the innumerate health benefits, by ordering seafood whenever you’re traversing the coastlines of distant lands.

Not only is fish significantly less fatty than the majority of meats, these 11 evidence-based health benefits of eating the stuff could convince you to ignore the filet mignons and lamb stews on your travels.

Replace Crisps and Nuts

Sadly it’s not just the main meals which are likely to pack on the pounds during a week or so away. Nothing complements a couple of beers or a glass of wine or two after a long day of relaxing as well as a bag of savoury snacks. But before you go and open that bag of Lays (exotic Walkers) or nuts, consider a slightly healthier alternative.

Microwave popcorn contains significantly fewer calories than crisps and nuts, and is perfect for chomping on over a game or two of bridge. Just make sure you don’t start pouring salt and butter all over them – then their benefits are greatly reduced.

Pack Butties and Snacks for the Airport

After checking in at an airport it can be oh-so tempting to make your way to the terminal eatery for a well-earned pint and expensive burger. Not only will this cost you thrice the price of an equivalent outside the terminal building, it will also ramp up the calorie count before you even depart for your jollies. Pack some healthy butties and fruit for the airport to sustain you throughout your travelling day.

Fast food may be tempting in airports, but their sugary content will give you a short term boost before you crash later in the day – a nightmare if you’ve got a rental car waiting at your destination, and you’re expected to navigate the wrong side of the road.

…And Walk Everywhere

If you’ve managed to escape the dour weather of the UK for a few nights in the sun, make the most of it and walk everywhere. Don’t just stick to the bars and restaurants within a stone’s throw of your hotel lobby – go further afield and explore what else is around you. TripAdvisor has an encyclopaedic grasp of the world’s restaurants, so you’ll never be short of dining options a decent walk away.

And after a 30 minute walk, you’ve probably earned that delicious local dish you’ve been thinking about all day.

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