Monday 27 May 2019
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Supporting Your Partner Through ED

Supporting Your Partner Through Erectile Dysfunction

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Although it only affects men physically, the effects of erectile dysfunction are far more diverse than just the physical restrictions. As common an issue as it is, though, there is a remarkably small amount of information circulating about how a couple can deal with the condition together.

Certain stereotypes about erectile dysfunction are common, and specific causes and age groups in particular are linked to the condition. The truth, however, is that ED can affect anybody, whatever age they are and whatever conditions they do or do not experience. For example, it is a little known fact that in cases where younger men are experiencing ED it is often as a result of mental issues, whereas it is more commonly caused by a physical factor in older generations. Conjecture and stereotypes aside, though, it is true that you are more likely to experience impotence as you get older. So how can we address the concerns felt by the men who it happens to?

Experts at ( have suggested that, for many people, managing concerns can be as simple as speaking to your partner about it. “Many ED sufferers feel inadequate. You need to be their crutch. The fact of the matter is, erectile dysfunction is extremely common. He isn’t alone and it is treatable – you just need to find the perfect solution for the both of you. “

One of the best ways to deal with ED, as the partner of a person that is experiencing it, is to discuss it and reassure. The condition is very common, and for a lot of men it can make a difference just being told this. Even from a medical standpoint, it is likely to improve the situation. With mental concerns and issues in self-esteem being a leading factor in erectile dysfunction, it can actually further exacerbate the problem in situations where men do not talk about it. WebMD ( has an excellent page concerning how to support your partner with a few points about support and reassurance standing out in particular.

Perhaps one concern with ED is that, in most cases, a man will feel like his partner will, or cannot, understand; although this may be true in a way, it is still vital that you do your best to show your support. With a feeling of emasculation being a very common side effect of impotence, for example, it can make all the difference if you let your partner know that they are still masculine. It is difficult , but attempting to place yourself in your partner’s position can make a huge difference.

Beyond the immediate emotional support that you can provide, it is also important that you aid and support your partner in their attempts to rectify their concerns. Visit the doctor with them, or research the condition and treatment options together – facing the issue head on is the best way to ensure that, as much as possible, your partner does not feel alone in their condition. Of course, there are tried and tested methods that most people are aware of and ED treatments like Viagra and Cialis are proven to be effective and can be a huge relief to a man who is struggling with his condition. As important as the primary mental aid is, it’s equally important that, in the event that your partner wants to consider medicinal solutions, you support them in that and provide your own input in the discussion.

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