Thursday 22 August 2019
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Stock Systems UK – Pension Annuity Income

Pension Annuity Income

Thinking of Retiring?

Anybody who has built up a Personal Pension Fund Portfolio from their own and employer’s contribution as well, qualifies to receive an Income from age 55.  This is also referred to as ‘ANNUITY’ in simple terms.

You could also qualify for a higher  Pension Annuity income – up to 75% more – due to ill-health and lifestyle conditions. It will be a guaranteed income payable for the whole of your life

There are many issues related to Pension Annuity Income (ANNUITY).

It is therefore essential that would be retirees understand how Annuity works, what are different types of Annuities available and which is most suitable for their own circumstances.

If you feel that dealing with various companies and the paperwork is very stressful, then our service will be most useful to you. It will enhance your knowledge. We have provided all essential information, in plain English, on various types of Annuities available on our website.

A dedicated annuity administrator will handle everything professionally, get you the maximum possible income AND provide full back-up support and peace of mind from start to finish.

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