Monday 27 May 2019
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Step Softly into Spring with Cosyfeet Shoes for Swollen Feet

If you need shoes for swollen feet you’re not alone. People of all ages can be affected by swollen feet for all sorts of reasons, yet finding shoes to fit isn’t always easy. That’s where Cosyfeet can help. Cosyfeet is a company that specialises in extra roomy footwear and has 35 years’ experience of fitting swollen feet and ankles.


Wider than anything on the high street

Cosyfeet footwear is wider, deeper and roomier than anything you can buy on the high street. It’s easy to get on and off a swollen foot and fits a range of swelling thanks to adjustable fastenings. Some Cosyfeet styles are also made to fit bunions, problem toes and bandaging.


Style meets comfort

The Cosyfeet ethos is that swollen feet should have the most comfortable, stylish footwear possible. They combine the latest trends with premium materials and expert shoemaking to create shoes you’ll want to wear. Due to innovations such as their ‘Hidden Depth’ design, their styles fit swollen feet with ease but look on-trend and streamlined. Cosyfeet footwear is also designed to minimise the risk of seams rubbing, which is important if you have vulnerable or sensitive feet.


Embracing technologies and trends

Cosyfeet is a forward-thinking company which adopts the latest technologies and trends. Recently, Cosyfeet have developed footwear with a shock-absorbing Cushion Active™ system that’s designed to protect knee and ankle joints. In tests by the University of Central Lancashire, this type of technical sole and footbed was shown to deliver between 23% and 25% less impact shock to the lower leg than leading brand trainers.


The new Bounce style – incorporates the Cushion Active ™  system which offers exceptional underfoot comfort


The new Bounce active shoe incorporates this amazing new technology and is a genuinely good-looking, casual style which can be worn with a wide range of spring and summer outfits. Created to meet the specific needs of ladies with swollen feet, the Bounce shoe comes in an EEEEE+ fitting as standard and has a secure, touch-fastening strap which adjusts to fit a range of swelling.

“Research has shown that taking a daily walk is really beneficial to health,” says Cosyfeet Managing Director Andrew Peirce. “These shoes are designed to help people take exercise without causing impact damage to their joints.”

Made from premium leathers and breathable uppers, this supportive, versatile casual has an ‘airflow’ lining which draws moisture away, keeping feet fresh and dry. It provides an exceptional level of underfoot comfort and moves with the natural motion of your foot. In addition, its deep, seam-free toe box is specially made to accommodate swollen and sensitive toes in comfort.

The Bounce shoe comes in a choice of Navy or Grey Leopard. It is available in sizes 4 to 9 including half sizes, priced at £72.00, or £60.00 if you qualify for VAT relief due to a chronic medical condition.


The new Katarina style – made from 100% pure wool


Cosyfeet also embrace the current trend for wool with their new range of diabetic-friendly Purewool™ sneakers. Called Katarina, these on-trend, Scandinavian style lace-ups are made from 100% pure wool which moulds naturally to your foot shape for an exceptionally comfy fit. Durable enough for outdoor wear, these extra roomy, water-resistant shoes can be washed on a wool cycle at 30°C in your washing machine.

Soft inside, with a seam-free toe area, these naturally stretchy sneakers are ideal for people with diabetes who are looking for a shoe they can trust to protect sensitive or vulnerable feet.

The Katarina has a streamlined appearance due to a specially designed sole unit which allows the foot to sit below the sole line. It comes in an EEEEE+ fitting as standard, so it’s perfect for swollen feet. Its cushioned ‘airflow’ footbed is also removable for extra depth, or to allow for insertion of your own orthotics for a bespoke feel.

Pure wool naturally wicks away moisture to keep feet fresh and dry. It also minimises odour and regulates temperature. This makes Katarina a great all-round comfort shoe for any woman looking for an extra roomy fit.

The Katarina is available in sizes 4 to 9, in a choice of Light Grey, Charcoal or Cornflower, priced at £85.00, or £70.83 if you qualify for VAT relief due to a chronic condition.


The new Isabelle style – A supportive active shoe for women


Also brand new for 2018 are the ‘his and hers’ sports-styled active shoes Isabelle and Ashley. Among the most supportive shoes in the Cosyfeet range, these great-looking styles incorporate a padded collar to fit both swollen and slimmer ankles and have a seam-free toe for extra comfort.

Their lace fastening allows them to open right out so they are easy to put on a swollen foot. They also incorporate a cleverly designed sole unit with ‘Hidden Depth’ for a more streamlined look.

Both Isabelle and Ashley have a cushioned footbed which is removable for extra depth, or to insert your own orthotics if required. These remarkable styles also feature a super-soft comfort lining.

Isabelle (for her) comes in Sapphire Blue, Soft Grey and Sand priced at £79.00 (or £65.83 if you qualify for VAT relief due to a chronic condition) and is available in sizes 3 to 9 including half sizes. It comes in an EEEEE+ extra roomy fitting as standard.

Ashley (for him) comes in Cinnamon Nubuck, Putty Nubuck or Chalk Nubuck priced at £89.00 (or £74.17 if you qualify for VAT relief due to a chronic condition) and is available in sizes 7 to 12 including half sizes. It comes in an HH+ extra roomy fitting as standard.


The new Ashley style – A supportive active shoe for men


Quality materials and workmanship

Cosyfeet footwear is made by experienced craftsmen, who mix traditional skills with the latest technology. They use the highest quality leathers and fabrics along with advanced foot comfort technology to give you the best footwear possible.


Endorsed by the experts

Over 11,000 health care professionals, including podiatrists and occupational therapists, recommend Cosyfeet. They are also recognised by the Healthy Footwear Guide, a collaboration between UK footwear brands and foot health professionals.


Are you eligible for VAT Relief?

If you need extra wide footwear due to a chronic condition, you may be eligible for VAT relief. For more information, and to browse Cosyfeet’s extensive selection of extra roomy footwear, visit or call 01458 447275.

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