Keeping in regular touch with older relatives is a real comfort, especially if they don’t live around the corner. But it’s not always easy. Some mobile phones can be expensive and fiddly to use – and often have features that loved ones don’t want or need.

Specially designed for the elderly, disabled, hard of hearing or those with low dexterity the TTfone range of simple mobile phones are what you need to communicate with your family and friends. The opposite of a smart phone, the TTfone range of phones come with features like loud volume, big buttons, easy menus, dock charger, clear large displays and an SOS emergency button for a one press way of getting help.

TTfone mobiles are affordable with prices starting at just £9.90 and 20% VAT relief is available to customers buying for someone with a disability.

TTfone flagship model is the Titan TT950 which is top of the range phone for the elderly and disabled. The Titan is 3G compatible and will work in any country on any network and comes in a stylish flip design with screens on the inside and outside. TTfone have developed an Android operating system that is so easy and user friendly, that you will find using this phone a pleasure. The simple Android menu can be navigated using the large keypad and navigation buttons or the touchscreen depending on which you prefer. Loud volume with a built in speaker phone, the Titan is much louder than conventional mobile phones. Dock charging system to make it a doddle to keep the battery charged and the phone ready to use anytime.

Uniquely Designed Elderly easy to Use Phone

The Titan is the king of senior phones with its sleek design and overview. The device has an external display. This provides all important information without having to open the flip cover of the phone. Not only the name of the caller is displayed but also shows you a picture of the caller.

Big Buttons for clear view along with Clamshell Design

TTfone TT950 Titan runs a simplified version of Android operating system with limited apps but a very easy menu. Use the navigation keys or the touch screen to select the app you wish to use. Whatsapp, Photo contacts, Call logs and Messages being just a few of the available apps.


Dual Screen Titan comes with a Dock Charger

The TTfone Titan comes with a desktop charging station which makes charging the phone simple and easy. Simply place the phone into the cradle and it will charge up, remove and it will stop. No more fiddly charging cables that need to plugged into tiny ports on the phone.

SOS Emergency Function with Location Tracking

Safety is something that is of prime importance for older people. The TTfone Titan comes with a feature that will give real peace of mind to the user, as well as family members who are concerned about their well-being. This is a dedicated SOS number that can be used in case of an emergency. Any number can be programmed in and it just takes one press of the panic button to make that all important call. The Titan will also send the location of the user as a text message so not only will you know your loved one is in trouble you will also know where they are.

Photo Contacts use pictures to make calls

Photo contacts is a feature where you can save numbers in your phone with a photo of the person which makes it super simple to call a loved one. Simple set up process where you can either choose a picture from your gallery or take a new one using the camera and when this person calls The picture will show up on the inner and outer screens. Set your son, daughter, Brother, sister or friends and with one button you can easily call them without having to remember the number

Whatsapp Messaging, Calling and Video Calls

The TTfone TITAN has built in WhatsApp so you can get fast, simple, secure Messaging and calling for free. With a Wi-Fi connection or mobile data WhatsApp can allow you to message friends and family, share photos and videos and even has a video calling feature. The TT950 also has a simplified Facebook app where you can use Messenger services. Youtube and an internet browser are also there for your entertainment.

TTfone “because it’s easy”

With today’s fast paced lifestyle we are expected to get used to the latest and greatest technology. TTfone decided to take it in the opposite direction and bring technology back to the start, making things simple and easy to use. TTfone’s range of mobile phones have some common features like large buttons, clear large displays, some models offer a monochrome display which is much easier to see than the conventional LCD screens in modern phones. They also have loud volume so are great for anyone with hearing difficulties.

Smartphone too smart? Then TTfone will have a model for you.

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