There is a whole host of savings and investment products in today’s financial market place and at first glance, the range of products on offer can appear daunting and confusing.

Whether saving for your own future or even for those future generations, an investment bond can offer peace of mind and the security of knowing that your funds are being well-managed.

Investment bonds are policies where you invest a lump sum in a variety of available funds. Some investment bonds run for a fixed term, others have no set investment term. When you are ready to ‘cash-in’ your investment bonds, how much you get back depends on how well – or how badly – the investment has done.

The Unity Mutual Bond however is different, as the return that you make is 100% guaranteed. With a minimum investment of just £1,000, by keeping your investment in the bond for a total of 5 years – you are guaranteed the return of 11.76% interest on your investment.

Our Guaranteed Investment Bond earns a guaranteed rate of interest when you put away a lump sum for 5 years, and offers complete protection for your money. Our current investment bond pays 2.25% annual interest, equating to 11.76% over 5 years. The interest is usually higher than a savings account would pay, because you need to leave your money in the bond for five years to achieve the full rate of interest. The investment bond could suit you if you won’t need to access your lump sum for five years, and you’d like to see growth in your money without the uncertainty of investing on the stock market.

However, if you need your money unexpectedly you can withdraw it at any time during the five years and you will receive interest based on the number of years invested, as detailed in the table below.

If you die during the five years, your capital lump sum will be paid to your estate along with interest based on the number of years invested, as detailed in the table above.

How the Unity Mutual Investment Bond works…

2.25% annual interest is guaranteed if you invest for five years. The interest compounds over the five years, so each year the interest is added to the investment and the previous accrued interest. The total interest is equivalent to an overall return of 11.76% over the five years.

Your investment is 100% protected – so no matter what, your money is in safe hands.

The Unity Mutual Guaranteed Investment Bond however, may not be the right investment product for you and your individual circumstances. We can’t give you any advice on whether our Guaranteed Investment Bond is right for you. We can only give you factual information.

If you’re in any doubt about whether this product is right for you, it’s a good idea to talk to an Independent Financial Advisor (IFA). You can find a local financial advisor by visiting You may need to pay for a financial advisor’s help, so make sure you ask them about their fees first.

To apply for your bond with Unity Mutual, please contact or telephone 0161 214 4628 quoting GIB 2020 – for a chance to be entered into a free prize draw for a UK weekend getaway.

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