The paradise island of Bali, Indonesia, has been welcoming travellers for decades, drawn by its warm climate, friendly people and fascinating culture. In recent years, the improved infrastructure, and relatively low cost of living in Bali, together with improved medical facilities and the issuance of a retirement visa for the over 55s, has started attracting visitors who wish to make Bali their home.

Bali, the island of the gods, is a perfect piece of paradise with a tropical all year round climate. Bali is a vibrant living theatre filled with creativity and culture and it’s not just put on for the visitors. Locals continue a traditional way of life and cultural values continue despite the streams of tourists that flock to the island. While temples, music, arts, exotic food and stunning scenery stimulate all the senses, Bali offers a strong sense of belonging and relaxation. The Balinese people are naturally friendly and caring with their genuine smiles which are contagious making it the perfect place to retire to.

More importantly there is little time for status or “keeping up with the Jones’s” in Bali. Everyone is treated as equal and there is a sense of mutual respect. Bali has a very low crime rate, and improved infrastructure with international standard accommodation options, shops and restaurants as well as internationally accredited health and care facilities, being the reason so many expats call Bali their home. These factors as well as the lower cost of living, and the availability of the retirement visa for expatriates over the age of 55 wanting to make Bali their home, has made Bali in recent years a popular place for expats to retire to.

People are living longer and are uncertain as to how long their money needs to last. Due to financial constraints and the increased cost of living; many people are retiring overseas where they can live a much better lifestyle for a lot less, enjoy new experiences, take in different cultures, make new friends and enjoy a better climate. Bali is considerably cheaper than the UK ensuring your money goes further and you can enjoy your retirement in Bali without having to be too frugal or budget conscious ensuring you can enjoy the lifestyle you deserve.

The Wana Sandat Lifestyle Residential Resort, a luxurious lifestyle resort targeted at expatriate retirees or the 55+ age group will enable retirees to affordably live in Bali. The Wana Sandat is revolutionising the concept of community living and is developing a community where like-minded, similar-aged individuals can enjoy the prime of their lives living in Bali having fun and without a care in the world, yet with that reassurance, that when the time comes help is close at hand.

The Wana Sandat is located in the most prestigious area of Bali – Nusa Dua. The resort is situated in an elevated position overlooking the award-winning Bali National Golf Course with views of Nusa Penida Island and Mount Agung on a clear day.

The resort, a first of its kind in Indonesia, is scheduled for completion in the last Quarter of 2022 but has already attracted a lot of interest. The COVID-19 pandemic has not only highlighted the ability to work remotely, but has also made people question if they are living life to the fullest and whether they should re-evaluate their life choices and future plans. At the same time the popularity of the third-age movement, and the large baby-boom generation are making significant strides in the quality of life choices as they approach retirement.

The resort will boast impressive facilities that will give you that “holiday, every day” sensation and encourage similarly-aged like-minded individuals to be involved, evolve, and flourish. The central Club House is designed to ensure residents have all the facilities and services they would ever need when you to retire to Bali. Residents can socially interact in many ways, over a coffee or a drink in the pub, enjoying a friendly game of tennis, relaxing by the pool, or mastering their creative side in the workshop or art studio.

The living community is focused on social engagement as well as enabling retirees to develop new skill sets and actively contribute to the community in which they live. Social interaction is a key to quality of life. Social isolation can lead to poor health. The Wana Sandat’s Club House will increase the opportunities for social interaction and engagement and will reduce the experience of social isolation with the consequential benefits of better health, wellbeing and quality of life.

The Wana Sandat Lifestyle Residential Resort Bali will focus on “wellness” as opposed to an “aged” care setting and is designed for the physically active who seek a high level of comfort and style in their home and surroundings and enjoy the benefits of living in Bali in a retirement resort community whilst retaining their independence.

The Resort will consist of 150 luxury residences set in 3.5 Hectares of landscaped gardens with most residences overlooking the Nusa Dua Golf Course.  The mix of luxury and thoughtfully designed apartments and villas allow for plenty of space and natural light creating a bright and airy place to call home when living in Bali.

The Wana Sandat is being developed by Lifestyle Residential Resorts, the founder of which is a former British hotelier who has spent over 25 years living and working in Bali and across Indonesia’s major hotel and resort markets. Robert has been involved developing, opening and operating multiple mid-tier, high-end and luxury  hotels, resorts and private residences.

Is it time you rewarded yourself from all your hard work to take up a new challenge and live your life to the fullest?

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