Monday 27 May 2019
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A personal cooling solution to beat the heat

Evapolar offers microclimate solutions ahead of International Menopause Day

Widely recognised as one of the most common symptoms of the menopause, hot flushes can, for someone women, be a daily and uncomfortable issue. So as attention turns to International Menopause Day on 18 October, Evapolar shares its cooling technology that work to keep temperatures under control.

Hot flushes are known to be unpredictable; sometimes prolonged, sometimes occasional. But when they do occur, the key is finding quick, easy and fuss-free ways to cool down.

Evapolar, which specialises in engineering personal and portable air cooling products, has developed two air conditioners – evaLIGHT™ EV-1000 and evaSMART™ EV-3000 – both offering tech-led solutions for creating optimum, tailored microclimates.

Personalised temperature control

When trying to reduce the temperature of a room, opening windows or turning the central heating off, are go-to solutions but they cannot provide quick relief and the knock-on effect, is that everyone else has to experience the same influx of cold air in that space. With Evapolar products, the cool-down is specific to one person’s vicinity meaning it can be controlled to meet their targeted needs, in an instant.

Speaking about the benefits of cooling the environment around you when you experience hot flushes, menopause sufferer Tanith Lee who launched a blog, Mrs Menopause, to support and educate other women who had the condition, said: “Hot flushes were the most uncomfortable symptom of my menopause and I’m not alone, up to 79% of women suffer, especially at night.

“I was suddenly operating on a completely different temperature from my family. I didn’t know how to cool down at night, I would just have an uncomfortable sleep. If only I’d known about evaSMART™, it sounds the perfect solution to cool your sleeping area before bedtime which affecting your partner.”

Eugene Dubovoy, co-founder and CEO, Evapolar, also said: “Increasingly, we are managing our day-to-day through personal technology and at Evapolar, this is one of the driving forces behind how we develop our products. We want to create solutions for individuals which meet personal needs and, for women experiencing menopausal hot flushes, we believe our microclimate-creating units meet that cold air-seeking need perfectly.”


The smart cool-down

Evapolar’s newest device, the evaSMART™ EV-3000, operates through smart technology which has the ability to connect to Amazon Alexa and, in the future, to Google Home, Apple Home Kit and Samsung Smarter Things.

evaSMART’s powerful cooling effect wouldn’t be possible without its unique patented mineral nanomaterial EvaBreeze™ which is used in its cartridges. By using this material instead of traditional cellulose pads, Evapolar’s evaporative pads absorb one hundred times more water than the materials used within conventional evaporative air coolers available today. This in turn enables a much higher level of cooling power compared with bulky evaporative air conditioning systems – and all contained within a small, portable unit.

As a portable device, evaSMART, can power up anywhere via a USB ensuring you can cool any area in your home. The portable AC also comes in a variety of neutral colors, including opaque white, coal black, and stormy grey, and features LED lighting so the unit can double as a light source.

Also available is evaLIGHT which has the same cooling properties as evaSMART but is more suited to people who prefer manually adapting the heat settings.

Available to purchase in the UK for €306 (£272) direct from the Evapolar website, evaSMART gives more control to users allowing them to moderate its cooling capabilities on-demand. Temperatures can be reduced by 4 to 15  degrees (depending on the humidity level of the room) at the touch of a button making it a reliable and effective fix for a hot flush.

Founded in 2015, Evapolar was created to disrupt the AC industry. By focusing on cooling the individual rather than a whole room or area, Evapolar recognised the huge savings that could be made on energy and money by creating microclimates. Evapolar’s products are now cooling people in 125 countries around the world.

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