As the nights draw in and the temperature drops, some of us worry about getting out and about as much as we do in the warmer months, especially with the tightening of lockdown restrictions this year.

It’s well known that cold weather can increase the risk of health problems, but it’s also true that feeling isolated or lonely can have a negative impact on our physical and mental well-being.

Moving to an Adlington Retirement Living community can make a world of difference. We offer a safe, secure and happy environment with a circle of friends and a sense of belonging. You can enjoy the best of both worlds: a beautiful, self-contained apartment of your own where you can retreat to enjoy your own company; and a thriving community offering new friendships, social occasions and safe activities on your doorstep that you can dip into whenever you want to.

Finding your ideal new home

Moving house is a huge decision at any time, and it can be particularly challenging in later life when you may be leaving a family home where you’ve lived for many years. At times like these, families want to make sure that their parents and grandparents are going to be safe and happy. For some, that means moving closer to each other.

Pauline had been living on her own in Wales but decided to move to The Bridges in Macclesfield to be closer to her daughter.

“I was a long way away from my daughter. Moving gave both myself and Gill a great peace of mind. I can confidently say Adlington Retirement Living is perfect for us both. Everyone at Adlington is so kind and friendly and always available when I need them”.

For others, the key to happiness is enjoying life in different parts of the country, making the most of visits to see each other and knowing that help is on hand whenever it’s needed.

Audrey came to look at The Folds in Romiley at the start of the year with her daughter.

“We came and had a look and we both really liked it here so I made the decision in January and moved in here in June. The best thing I did was move. I love it here. My daughter lives in North Yorkshire now so she’s going to come and stay in the guest suite when she visits.”

When Edna decided to leave the bungalow in Southport where she’d lived with her husband for 36 years, her daughter thought it might be best for her to move to Derbyshire to live nearby. Edna wanted to stay near to her friends and local golf club and have her daughter come to visit, so The Sailings in Southport was the perfect solution.

“It’s a lovely area, Derbyshire, but I said no because I would miss my local friends. I’m very happy to call The Sailings my home now. The staff here are very good. When I moved in, they were all so kind and helpful and I’ve got to know them all really well.

A helping hand in lockdown

Many of our Homeowners have told us how much it helps to have a strong sense of community and a friendly management team on site to provide advice, assistance and moral support.

During the UK lockdown, our team members shopped and collected prescriptions for our Homeowners whenever help was needed and we created ‘pop-up shops’ at each development to provide a safe and easy way to pick up everyday essentials.

“It’s been nice to have the company of the staff and they’ve taken care of all my needs, even doing some shopping. It’s given my son peace of mind too, as he lives in Yorkshire.” Doris, The Cottons

Many of our Homeowners chatted to each other from their private balconies and patios and our management teams found new ways to encourage community spirit whilst adhering to social distancing measures.

“It’s much better here than it would have been in our previous home in lockdown. We have these beautiful gardens to walk around and to admire. We’re very happy here.” John and Marcia, The Cottons.

More time to spend enjoying life

When the maintenance of your house and garden become too much, family visits can be taken up with getting jobs done, rather than enjoying quality time together. With Adlington you no longer have to worry about repairs, maintenance or mowing.

“Once we decided, we realised the benefits of not maintaining a house because I’ve spent my life maintaining everything.” Eddie, The Bridges

“I feel like a lady of leisure really – being waited on and not having to do a lot. We’ve got so much more leisure time to do what we want to do.” Mabel, The Bridges.

A smart approach to care

One of the aspects that appeals to many of our Homeowners is the fact that optional, additional personal care is available as and when it is needed, for as long as it’s needed.

“My family were very supportive about my move, they wanted me to be somewhere where they knew I could be independent because I really am independent, but where in the future I could have some back up if necessary.” Elizabeth, Adlington House – Otley

Adlington Homeowners have access to round-the-clock support from a dedicated team, 365 days a year. The 24-hour on-site team are on-hand to look out for Homeowners’ well-being, and to arrange personal tailored care, if required – all of which enables individuals to maintain their quality of life.

“Having experienced how my husband went downhill so quickly, I looked into the care options when I chose to move here. It was very important to me that I can move in now, when I don’t need any care or additional support, but it’s available if there is a time when I need that.” Joyce, The Chimes.

All apartments are fitted with a 24-hour emergency call system linked directly to the on-site team. The sophisticated emergency call system not only covers each private apartment but the entire building and gardens, for added peace of mind.

“Our two sons think we have made the right move. I actually love it. I feel like I’m on my holidays!” Marcia, The Cottons.

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