Thursday 18 April 2019
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Older generation missing out on internet use

internet use 50 plus

Internet use among the 50 Plus on the rise

Latest ONS figures on internet users in the UK for 2016 recently released (20 May 2016) show that while internet usage is on the rise among older generations, a significant group of those aged over 75 have either never logged on, or haven’t done so for three months.

Commenting on the ONS Internet Survey figures, Keith Shields, MD, FirstPort Retirement Services, said:

“We see every day how essential it is for our residents in our retirement properties to be connected. From using the Internet to stay in touch with family members, see photos of their grandchildren to even just staying up to date with news and entertainment, these are simple things but they give real joy and make a huge difference in their quality of life.

While it is encouraging that more Britons over 75 are going online, over half of the older population are still missing out on all the benefits that the internet has to offer and two thirds of women over 75 have never even logged on. From our position as retirement property managers we must ensure our residents aren’t left out of this new online world.”

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