Monday 27 May 2019
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What You Need to Know About Prepaid Funeral Burial Plans

Burial costs can be costly so having a prepaid plan in place gives not only yourself confidence that it is paid for but also arranged as to your wishes but also helps your loved ones when they really need it most. When you are arranging something as important as your own funeral burial plan, you want to know it’s all in safe hands. There are two funeral burial plan providers that deliver not only more than other providers but offer that extra peace of mind.

Costs involved in a burial

Burial costs consist of fees to the funeral directors for their services, the charge for the burial plot and the actual burial or interment and sometimes fees for the care of the plot. Fees are around £1,000 for your plot though this will vary across the country and then around £600 for the actual burial fees. Cremation funerals are less costly as they don’t have the burial plot cost.

In general, funeral burial plans only offer a budget in their plans that is to go towards to cost of the actual burial or interment fees. Meaning there will probably be a shortfall and your loved ones would have to pay more at the time.

Burial costs can vary too depending on how long the ‘exclusive rights of burial ‘is for. In simple terms, you are leasing your burial plot for set number of years. Normally between 50 to 100 years so the longer the exclusive rights of the burial, the costlier the burial plot.

How funeral plans work

The funeral director services are always included in the plan. This means those fees will be covered no matter when it is in the future. So, if your funeral director increase the prices of their services you plan is guaranteed to cover it.

The issue comes with the actual burial costs as most plans only include an allowance of approximate £940 to £1,200 to cover these fees. The problem is that part is only for the actual burial or interment and cannot be used on other funeral costs, additionally if you do not use it all you lose what’s left over.

Two plan providers have seen this flaw and are addressing the issue. Both these funeral plan providers are regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority as you should only use a provider that is registered with the FPA.

Dignity plan

With a Dignity Plan you have the full guarantee that the funeral director’s services are covered but also an allowance of £1,200 for burial costs. This is one of the largest allowances amongst the plans when you compare them.

Dignity Plan don’t restrict the burial cost allowance though, instead they let you use it for any of your funeral services. But that’s not all. If not all the allowance is spent then whatever is left over is paid back to the estate or family. Not all funeral plans offer this.

Co op funeral plan

Cooperative Funeralcare which provides the Co op Funeral Plans has the only plan on the market that will guarantee the burial costs as well as the funeral directors services. So, burial costs like the actual burial fee, the gravedigger fee if applicable and officiants or minister fees are covered.

The price of the burial plot is not covered in any of the Co op’s plans so these would need to be paid by the family at the time.

It’s the small things that Dignity and Co op Funeral Plans cover that will make the most difference when it comes the time for the plans to be used and when your family would need that extra help the most.


If you’d like more information on funeral plans and the various options available you may wish to contact Utility Saving Expert on 01242 323131 or visit

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