Other than getting married, or having a baby, moving home is still one of the most stressful things that you can do! That is why it is a good idea to use any ways you can to make things a little easier. Both in the run-up to, and the day of the move. Happily, below you can get some smart tips on making your moving process simpler, easier, and stress-free from the very beginning, all the way up to the big day!  


You need to plan your move 

Moving home is a very complex project to manage successfully and if you want things to go smoothly, you will need to plan out each stage. You will find many guides and lists online that you can use as inspiration. However, the best way to do this is best to go with a brain dump for your particular situation, as everyone’s move will be slightly different. 

This means you write down a list of absolutely all the tasks you can think of from getting the carpets deep cleaned before you go, to making sure the electricity is turned off when you leave. 

Then you can sort these tasks by the date they should be completed, and add them to a calendar. Something that means you won’t miss anything as the deadline of the moving day gets closer and closer. 


Declutter now 

It can be very easy to fool ourselves into thinking that we do not have the time or energy to declutter now and that we will do it once we have moved into the new property. 

However, this is nearly always a bad idea. After all, why use valuable resources like your time and money on packing and moving items you no longer want or need. Of course, this is particularly relevant if you are planning a downsize, as you will have significantly less room for your possessions as it is! 

With that in mind, take some time to recycle, donate and throw away items that you no longer need as you pack. 


Who is going to do the heavy lifting? 

When it comes to moving ‘heavy lifting isn’t a metaphor. Indeed, there is literal heavy lifting to be done and that is why many people choose to use professional movers. 

Of course, this can be expensive, and some folks prefer to hire a van and drive it themselves to the new property. Especially if they have expensive furniture and items that they would rather take care of themselves, instead of handing them off to strangers. 

Although, the self-drive option can present other issues as well, such as getting your own personal car to your new location when you are driving the van! Happily, if you are looking at moving your vehicle independently of a house move, a transport service will be able to complete this task for you. Something that means your furniture and possessions will be in the best hands – yours! 


Think carefully about moving day 

Last of all, if you want your move to be stress-free you must consider the day of your move very carefully. With that in mind, be sure to have a schedule for the day, as well as plenty of snacks and refreshments for when you get to your new place! Otherwise, you might be lacking in energy, something you will need to complete your move in a calm manner! 

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