Thursday 18 April 2019
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Luxury living room inspiration

We tend to spend the majority of time at home relaxing in our living rooms, so it makes sense that the lounge should be a place of ultimate comfort and cosiness. If your living room is lacking in luxurious touches, look no further. We’ve compiled some simple ways to add luxury to any living space below.

Let In Some Light

Nothing brightens up a space (quite literally) like a statement light fixture. Whether you crave the splendour of a traditional chandelier twinkling in your lounge, or prefer the clean lines of a curved floor lamp, increase the mega watts and you’ll soon be luxuriating in a cheerful, and utterly plush space.

Stick With Tradition

No one can deny the timeless luxury of traditional armchairs and sofas. From button-backed Chesterfields to 1930s-inspired cocktail chairs, get your seating right and the rest will follow. Arlo & Jacob’s range of both classic and contemporary designs ticks all the right boxes for instant luxury, simply add a side table piled with books and knick knacks to finish the off your reading corner in style.

Make It Minimal

It’s a well-known trick of the interior design trade that less is more when creating a thoroughly modern and luxurious space. Even if your tastes veer more toward the maximalist – think piles of pillows, layered-up rugs, ornaments, knick knacks and more – there’s something very stylish to be said for stripping it all back. Clean lines and pared-back arrangement of your favourite furniture can really open up a cluttered living room and make things look a lot more luxurious. If you’re a certified hoarder, stock up on stylish storage solutions like these to keep clutter at bay.

Get Green Fingered

The trend for indoor plants has truly exploded over the last few years, and for good reason. Introducing plants into the home – especially the living room – adds an undeniable sense of wellbeing, not only due to plants’ air purifying properties, but simply because they’re so pleasing to look at. Whether you opt for a statement cheese plant of prefer the vintage vibe of a hanging spider plant, a dash of green will add modern luxury to your living space in seconds.

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