Understanding your hearing there are afew things that you need to know.
It’s your brain that hears not your ears.

Your hearing serves many purposes such as keeping you safe, locating where sound is coming from and helping you follow conversations. Your ears and brain form a system that works together. Your ears funnel information into the hearing system and your brain processes the information into sound and meaning.

Untreated hearing loss often leads to reduced contact with family, friends and colleagues.
Untreated hearing loss makes it difficult to stay connected and to communicate with others.

Finding it difficult to follow conversations when having a hearing loss is often exhausting and very frustrating for others as well as yourself.

Getting through the day with a hearing loss can be hard work. Everyday situations require more effort in order to follow and understand what is being said. When you have a hearing loss, your ears lose their ability to pick up certain sounds. Your brain has to work much harder to fill in the gaps and guess what is being said .

Your hearing needs to be assessed by a Hearing Health Care Professional if you have any symptoms of hearing loss it is important you seek the right advice.
Questions you should be asking yourself if you feel as if your hearing isnt the same isnt as it used to be.

  • Do any members of your family complain the tv or rdio is higher thn it used to be ?
  • Do you find it difficult to hear people in ceratin situations like background noise, pubs and restaurants ?
  • Do you feel as if they mumble and often ask people to repeat themselves most of the time ?

If the answer is YES to all of theses questions then you WILL NEED TO GET YOUR HEARING ASESSESSED BY QUALIFIED AUDIOLOGIST .




Find information about hearing tests or assessments with impartial independent advice www.findhearing.info

Alternatively you can make a ear wax removal appointment at www.waxremovals.com

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