Monday 27 May 2019
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Lifton Home Lifts – The last word in luxury

Premium home lifts specialist Lifton offer customers the last word in luxury with its supremely stylish, domestic lift.

The Lifton Home Lift can instantly ‘future-proof’ any home, travelling between floors in under 30 seconds and typically taking just one day to install.

The intelligent, modular design means the Lifton Home Lift can fit into almost any location in the home as it is entirely self-supporting, so requires no major building work.

The most favoured installation choice is from ground floor living space up to a first-floor master suite. Lifton installers can also fit the domestic lift into the void of a turning staircase, or keep it completely hidden from view, travelling between floors in vacant cupboard space.

Revolutionising the way we move around the home, the Lifton Home Lift is powered by an integrated drive system which is neatly concealed in the lift roof space, meaning it is almost silent when in motion. It plugs straight into a standard domestic power socket offering homeowners convenience and energy savings as well.

Comfortably accommodating two adults, Lifton domestic lifts are capsule- shaped, and fashioned in a chic, soft grey colour with a light and airy panoramic casing, creating a fantastic travel experience.

Designed to be admired, the lift blends effortlessly into the background of any room. Once stationed upstairs it virtually ‘disappears’ from the floor below, leaving only two slim discreet rails behind. When the Lifton Home Lift is located downstairs, a small section of upper level flooring, fixed to the lid of the lift, ensures that any flooring upstairs flows as it should.

One Lifton customer, Stuart Bradley from Wales said: “We walk straight inside our front door and whisk ourselves up to our lounge, kitchen and daytime living area in seconds.

“We are impressed with the precise and innovative engineering of our Lifton Home Lift. It’s also very useful for carrying things such as our grocery supplies!”

Lifton now sell in the USA –

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