Monday 27 May 2019
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A Lift for a Home: The New Stairlift Alternative

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A Lift for a Home: The New Stairlift Alternative

When our parents reach a certain age climbing up and down the stairs can start to prove difficult. Having a traditional stairlift installed has, most commonly, been the product of choice for this particular problem.

But the basic design of a stairlift has not changed in decades and it is considered by some as rather outdated. The safety aspect of them can also be an ongoing concern if loved ones are mostly left to get on and off it on their own, especially if they are in a wheelchair.

In the last few years, however, a relatively new concept of getting a home lift fitted has become an ideal alternative to the stairlift due to a number of factors.

Domestic lifts are generally much more affordable than many people think and the running costs are minimal. One company, called Stiltz Lifts, who set up five years ago, can install its home lift almost anywhere in a property.

This is because its lift uses a unique drive system whereby the home lift travels up and down on twin rails with no need for a supporting wall.

It has its own own self-contained electric motor and the lift just simply plugs straight into the wall just like a normal household appliance. The Stiltz lift is quieter than many stairlifts and there are no external hydraulic or vacuum systems to worry about either.

Usually, Stiltz Lifts install their home lifts between a downstairs room, such as a hallway or living room, with it arriving upstairs in a bedroom or on the landing but there is no reason why it cannot be placed virtually anywhere in the home. Most standard installations take just one day.

stiltz lift

Small yet Spacious

The footprint of the Stiltz lift is less than seven square feet but, unlike a stairlift, it is spacious enough to comfortably carry two people. Complete with remote control, the lift is also useful for carrying heavy items such as luggage or heavy boxes between floors.

A home lift eliminates the worry that Mum or Dad might have forgotten to fasten their seat belt in the stairlift and fallen out. It can also reduce the risk of other accidents as it can be difficult for some users with weak arms, wrist or knees to get up off the chair of the stairlift from a sitting position at the top of the stairs.

Safety First

Stiltz Lifts has incorporated all the safety features you would expect from this type of product such as battery back-up in case of power cut, obstruction sensors, full or half height doors, a full height light curtain and a key lock to stop unauthorised use. Stiltz also do a wheelchair lift version of their standard lift.

A domestic lift can save you money on costly renovations or adaptions to your parents’ home which can prove stressful for them, while it can certainly be less expensive and disruptive than moving house.

Couples who might not necessarily have any type of mobility issues are buying home lifts to ‘future proof’ their homes too so accessibility is not a problem in later life.

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