Thursday 18 April 2019
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iPhone 7 The Best Ways To Improve Battery Life

Listen, we know what it’s like. You get your hands on a brand-new iPhone, and it’s just so tempting to explore all of its features at once. Before you know it, you’ve drained the battery through your extensive multitasking.

But wait – there are ways to extend that battery life even further. Smartphones rarely come equipped with the best power saving features out of the box, and as a result, you need to be lined with a few tips and tricks to get the most out of your iPhone 7. We’ve detailed the best examples below!

  1. Battery Case/Power Bank

 Whether you’re an avid traveller or simply a dedicated iPhone user, both a battery case and power bank can make a big difference. These are add-on devices (that you’ll need to buy) that can extend your phone’s battery longer than usual. You’ll find them dotted around the web at places like Amazon and eBay, and you can even get them at your local retail store in many cases. Whatever you do, make sure the one you buy is compatible with the iPhone 7!

  1. Low Power Mode

Like many smartphones on the market, the iPhone 7 comes equipped with a low power mode. This feature can be activated through the settings screen, and works to reduce the functionality of the phone when it reaches 20% battery or less. It’s nothing major – visual enhancements and automatic downloads are a selection of features that the mode turns off by default. By activating this mode, your battery will last much longer before it dies.

  1. Use Headphones Instead Of Speakers

Whether you’re watching Game of Thrones or listening to your vast collection of tunes, it’s best to do it via headphones. Using the iPhone 7’s internal speakers provides a good sound, but actually drains the battery more harshly. And don’t forget to keep the volume down – this can also have an effect on the battery, albeit not quite as profoundly. It’s still worth it though, if only to keep your ears protected!

  1. Turn Off Bluetooth And GPS

This rule applies for any smartphone, whether it’s an iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S8 or another highly-popular choice. Many of us rarely engage with the Bluetooth or GPS features of our phones on a regular basis, but we still tend to keep them activated. Bad idea! It needlessly drains the battery, so turning them off when we’re not using them is wise. Additionally, Wi-Fi and mobile data can also drain your battery in this way.

  1. Check ‘Battery Usage’

Did you know that you can actually see which features are utilising your iPhone 7’s battery the most? This option is available via the settings screen too, allowing you to pinpoint the exact issue that’s causing a problem. You can then use that information to edit your ‘background app refresh’ settings, disabling that feature for the apps that are giving you the biggest headache.

  1. Auto Brightness

Much like any smartphone, the iPhone 7’s brightness has a big effect on battery life. The ideal way to conserve power is to keep it as low as possible, but that’s not always a realistic possibility. The best way to achieve middle ground is to activate the auto brightness feature, which adapts based on the environment’s lighting to ensure you’re never draining your battery needlessly.

  1. Update Your Phone!

It should come as no surprise that updating your phone on a regular basis can have a big effect on everything from battery life to functionality. If you want to activate these updates manually, you can do so via the iPhone 7’s settings. Just a few button presses might be all you need to solve your battery-draining woes.

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