There are so many great things that you get from having a pet in the home. Many families feel that a pet is a great way to make things feel so much more loving and complete, and they really can bring a lot of joy to people of all ages. But if you are thinking of getting a pet, and you want to go for something other than a cat or a dog, what might you go for? In this post, we are going to take a look at some of the more interesting and unusual pets that you might want to consider having in your home.

Spotted Genet

Many people will not even know what this is, but once you see a picture of it you are going to see the appeal. A spotted genet is a beautiful little creature, a little like a tiny leopard, but muh safer, and not unlike a large cat. The beauty of having a spotted genet in the home is that you will have something that has the appearance of a cat, but is completely unique and doesn’t act as aloof as a cat at all. For that reason, people often unfortunately give them up, but if you are looking for something like this it can be a wonderful thing to have in the home, and very exotic and unusual.



This one is for if you have a lot of space outside, perhaps if you run a farm or you do a lot of homesteading of that sort. An alpaca can be a very cuddly and adorable pet to have, and you will find that their appearance is one that kids in particular tend to really love. Moreover, you can even get a beautifully soft fur from them in a completely cruelty-free way, meaning that they are also a very useful animal to have around. You can check out this website for more on buying alpacas and looking after them.


Miniature Donkey

Again, you will need some significant outdoor space for this one, but as long as you have that it is going to be a particularly adorable pet to have around the home. It’s a great one for kids, who you are going to get no end of fun from petting it, and it is actually a pet that is really easy and simple to look after too. A miniature donkey could be just the thing to complete your home, so consider getting one if you have the means.


Pygmy Hedgehog

For something really strange, you might want to consider a pygmy hedgehog. They are cute and tiny and they don’t need much space – in fact, you can keep them anywhere you would keep a guinea pig. Plus, they are a wonderful introduction to pets for your kids, so that’s a great reason to consider them if you do have children in your home. Get a pygmy hedgehog today if you want a bundle of joy in the home.

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