Friday 24 May 2019
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Independence in your home has never been so easy

stannah stairlifts

Independence in your home has never been so easy

As life expectancy rises, it is more important than ever that people remain as independent as possible, for as long as possible – to ensure a happy and fulfilling lifestyle as they age.

As we grow older we all inevitably succumb to the effects of age. This can reveal itself in many forms, from weakening eye-sight to forgetfulness and a decline in energy. The implications of these symptoms of age vary considerably, and it is near impossible to prepare for every eventuality – especially when things that you take for granted get called into question. For instance, if something as common-place as a minor tumble leads to trouble with your hips or spine, this can become a major challenge to your mobility.

It’s when problems like this arise that people tend to question whether or not they are able to remain in their home. When confidence has been knocked and day-to-day activities like going up the stairs or walking to the shops become intimidating, people often start to feel more vulnerable and reliant on the assistance of others.

However, unlike for previous generations, growing older no longer means your independence at home has to suffer. For the past 40 years, stairlifts have been helping people navigate their homes, thereby establishing themselves as one of the most empowering aids to domestic life.

Today stairlifts come in a range of designs and fits. They can be adapted to fit staircases of all lengths and widths and are able to cope with curves and landings, meaning that stairlifts can bring self-sufficiency and comfort to virtually any home.

For this is the beauty of a stairlift: whilst it won’t pretend to solve any health issues or turn back the hands of time, it will help users increase their independence within the home so that everyday activities are much more manageable, giving the freedom and energy to do more in their lives.

British manufacturer Stannah Stairlifts has developed a range of stairlifts, carefully designed to fit all its customer’s needs.

For instance, the Starla is perfect for people looking for a device that will not only be helpful, but that will also complement their home. It is the most customisable stairlift in the range and offers a whole variety of styles, finishes and additional features.

The Siena can be folded away neatly to make the best use of space and is a smart and practical addition to a smaller home.

The Sadler has been designed specifically for people with limited flexibility. It allows users to maintain a more upright position whilst also taking as much weight as possible away from the legs.

However, despite this range of options, Stannah understands that a stairlift cannot meet everyone’s needs. Therefore they also offer homelifts, such as the Salise – a fully self-supporting household lift that can slot into the corner of a house. Perhaps surprisingly, it can be installed without necessitating any major structural alternations to a home, so the user can choose where best to position it and installation work can be done quickly and easily.

So no matter what you need or what your taste is – there is a solution for you. These products not only allow users to save energy so that they can keep doing the things they love, they also restore confidence. Where before people might have felt vulnerable, these products offer reassurance – and let people carry on with their activities knowing they are in safe hands.

This is a post sponsored by Stannah.

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